HFM Magazine: March 2021

Ensuring healthcare providers bring in more revenue in a cost-efficient way

See how one company uses predictive analytics, advanced rules and expert auditors to reveal actionable insights that help hospitals increase revenue.

HFMA August 31, 2022

Helping healthcare organizations proactively verify and search for missed insurance coverage

Review how one company helps healthcare organizations verify and search for missed insurance coverage throughout the patient lifecycle and stay on top of benefits coordination.

HFMA August 31, 2022

‘Stuck in the Middle With You’

HFMA's chair urges healthcare finance leaders to be intentional in encouraging many voices to be heard, recognizing cognitive biases that are misleading and helping guide decisions to the best possible outcome.

Michael M. Allen, FHFMA, CPA April 29, 2021

HFMA Claim Integrity Task Force seeks to standardize denial metrics

A new task force is looking to improve the data and KPIs needed to further reduce denials.

Erika Grotto April 16, 2021

UKG: Making work a better, more connected experience for everyone

Two companies merged into one to help organizations transform and digitize human resources and workforce management practices.

HFMA March 3, 2021

SVP Rick Gundling recaps new workshops, Biden and surprise bills

Rick Gundling, HFMA’s senior vice president of professional practice, talks about the Association's education plans for 2021 and comments on some hot topics in healthcare.

Brad Dennison March 1, 2021

An organization’s consumer strategy must change with the times

Telemedicine and teleworking are up, employment is down, and healthcare leaders are working to balance it all.

Erika Grotto March 1, 2021

Crossing the chasm on digital transformation 

A new focus on digital strategies necessitates meaningful new partnerships in the C-suite.

J. Alex Bacchetti, MBA February 26, 2021

HFMA member Paola Turchi continues to give back to her community with mask outreach project

Paola Turchi has sewn close to 500 masks for community members.

Erika Grotto February 26, 2021

The Central Ohio Chapter creates a ‘river’ of donations through sock drive

A virtual fundraiser in HFMA’s Central Ohio Chapter turned into more than a one-off event.

Erika Grotto February 26, 2021
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