HFM Magazine: March 2024

Continued 340B eligibility is at risk for hundreds of hospitals thanks to pandemic-related factors

Hospitals that rely on savings from the 340B Drug Pricing Program should examine the possibility that they will soon be rendered ineligible. Several factors are having an industrywide impact on the disproportionate share hospital adjustment percentage, and if that tally drops below a certain threshold on a hospital’s Medicare cost report, the hospital cannot receive…

Nick Hut March 1, 2024

Remembering HFMA trailblazer Ronald Kovener  

HFMA joins friends and family in remembering Ronald Kovener who died at the age of 92 on July 26, 2023, in Indianapolis. An accountant, he had been a member of HFMA since 1961 and served as National President from 1972 to 1973.   Kovener reminisced about his HFMA experience in 2021 when the Association celebrated its…

Crystal Milazzo February 29, 2024

PMMC provides organizations with the tools and the knowledge to maximize their net revenue

Learn how PMMC's revenue cycle software and services improves the financial performance of healthcare providers to have more resources devoted to patient care.

HFMA February 29, 2024

Jill Geisler: 9 tips for healthcare finance leaders looking to improve their presentation skills  

Do professional public speakers get nervous? Absolutely — but they don’t let it show.  That’s what I teach to both students and front-line leaders who want to be better communicators. I draw on my background. My first career was as a broadcast reporter and anchor before moving into management. Today, I moderate U.S. Senate and…

Jill Geisler February 29, 2024

The importance of digital transformation in a fraudulent environment

In this recently conducted survey, more than 85% of responding hospital financial executives said they are somewhat concerned (65.96%) or very concerned (19.15%) about potential AI-influenced fraud, including account takeovers and eventually payment fraud.

HFMA February 29, 2024

How digital patient engagement solutions can help healthcare organizations improve their existing revenue cycle

This roundtable features various healthcare professionals who breakdown what digital patient engagement solutions are being implemented and how this not only empowers patients, but also helps organizations looking to improve their existing revenue cycle.

HFMA February 29, 2024

Dennis Dahlen: It’s time to deepen trust in the patient financial experience 

“Healthcare is a journey. It’s not a single episode of care. Especially in cardiology, where the relationships we develop with patients are lifelong, we want to make sure they trust not just their doctor, but the entire organization.”  So believes one of the standout speakers from HFMA’s 2024 Revenue Cycle Conference in San Diego: Larami…

Dennis E. Dahlen, FHFMA, MBA, CPA February 29, 2024

Iowa Chapter celebrates 70th anniversary

Mid-January 2024 was a notable time for members of HFMA’s Iowa Chapter. Things kicked off with a blizzard. Then there was a second blizzard and a presidential caucus. It was a lot for one week, but that wasn’t all. The real highlight took place on Jan. 17 when the Chapter gathered in the Des Moines…

Crystal Milazzo February 29, 2024

While increasing revenue is a top goal for 2024, improving the patient experience is a close second — specially for large health systems: HFMA poll

In a recently conducted survey, 70% of 92 respondents said increasing revenue is a top priority in 2024 followed by improving the patient experience (60%) and reducing costs (55%). Review other key findings in this research report.

HFMA February 29, 2024

Integrated delivery: A 45-year case study of one IDN’s successful evolution

Over the past 50 years, the integrated delivery network (IDN) model has evolved to become widely accepted among health system leaders as an effective means for controlling costs, improving quality through better coordinated care and achieving financial returns.a Yet an important question confronts any healthcare organization that wants to pursue an IDN strategy today: What…

Jeffry A. Peters February 29, 2024
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