HFM Magazine: September 2019

Intuitive: The Role of Data Analytics in Healthcare: 5 Key Learnings from the HFMA 2019 Annual Conference Focus Group

This report offers key takeaways from a 2019 HFMA Annual Conference focus group in which several senior financial leaders discuss the challenges and opportunities in leveraging data analytics to improve utilization, clinical outcome, and financial performance.

HFMA August 16, 2021

4 strategies for an AI-driven approach to improve revenue cycle performance

Automating certain revenue cycle practices can help healthcare organizations improve performance.

Eric Nilsson August 16, 2021

Professional Credit: Engaging Patients in Their Financial Journeys

In this article, Professional Credit discusses how it helps healthcare organizations effectively and positively engage patients throughout their healthcare financial journeys.

HFMA January 14, 2021

The healthcare CFO of the future: How finance leaders are adapting to relentless change

As the healthcare industry acclimates to disruption, the CFO role steadily is becoming more strategic and expansive, as shown in the experiences of four health system finance leaders.

Laura Ramos Hegwer December 16, 2019

Enjoin: Enabling Holistic Clinical Documentation Improvement

James Fee, MD, CEO of Enjoin, discusses the importance of holistic clinical documentation to realize success with existing fee-for-service payment models, as well as value-based care and population health initiatives.

HFMA October 1, 2019

How an Iowa hospital earned 2 MAP Awards for excellence in revenue cycle performance

Henry County Health Center, a critical access hospital in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, has earned two MAP Awards and made noticeable strides toward financial transparency.

Erika Grotto September 25, 2019

Finding our way to meaningful price transparency

Healthcare organizations have the technology to deliver meaningful transparency to patients, including out-of-pocket estimates prior to service and clear, understandable patient statements.

Joseph J. Fifer, FHFMA, CPA September 24, 2019

Do the Democratic candidates for president see a role for private insurance?

Healthcare is a major defining issue in the campaigns of the Democratic candidates for president, but their positions differ, particularly with respect to private insurance.

Gail R Wilensky, PhD September 20, 2019

#HFMA1000daresproject: ‘Share the Dare’ challenges you to do bold things

The HFMA 1000 Dares Project calls upon healthcare finance leaders to move to make a difference, take a dare and leave the safety of the familiar.

Michael M. Allen, FHFMA, CPA September 19, 2019

A Q&A with Tasha Bell, who holds 5 HFMA certifications

A Q&A with Tasha Bell regarding her certifications and updates about other healthcare finance professionals.

HFMA September 17, 2019
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