HFM Magazine: September 2020

Reducing bad debt at a comprehensive care center

Intervention efforts pre- and post-treatment engaged patients at Northwestern Medicine's cancer treatment facilities and helped reduce bad debt by 65% per month from the baseline period to the intervention period.

Sheetal Kircher, MD August 28, 2020

The age of COVID-19: What’s a seasoned meeting planner to do?

Gretchen Bliss, HFMA’s Director of Meetings and Conferences, shares how amid the COVID-19 pandemic, HFMA and its staff redirected efforts to bring members a six-day Digital Annual Conference in lieu of a live event.

Gretchen Bliss August 28, 2020

How to develop a winning pricing strategy in the post-COVID-19 consumer market

Providers and health plans should prepare for federally imposed price transparency mandates imposed by developing comprehensive pricing strategies tailored to their specific market positions, financials and operational objectives.

Kevin B. Sears, MHA August 27, 2020

News briefs September 2020: Trends in hospital volumes and margins, and other forces shaping healthcare finance

Read about the key factors that shaped healthcare finance policy and practice in August 2020.

Rich Daly August 27, 2020

Price transparency as a guiding principle: directionally correct

HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer offers a perspective on HFMA’s approach to price transparency vis-à-vis the upcoming CMS regulations on payment rate transparency.

Joseph J. Fifer, FHFMA, CPA August 27, 2020

Funny the way it is: Reflecting on healthcare industry dislocations

Healthcare leaders can go a long way toward improving the nation's healthcare cost problem by understanding health inequity its origins. Some dislocations have been triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, but others have long existed in the industry.

Michael M. Allen, FHFMA, CPA August 27, 2020

Biohacking: What healthcare finance leaders need to know about this evolving enterprise

Biohacking is an emerging concept in healthcare that may have value in enabling healthcare providers to better manage the costs of care.

Martin Bluth August 27, 2020

2020 is challenging us to re-imagine integrated healthcare

The recovery plan healthcare organizations use to address the impact of COVID-19 and other factors that have damaged the financial foundations of healthcare delivery are likely to involve increased integration.

Keith D. Moore, MCP August 20, 2020
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