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Looking for a tailored approach to collecting data? HFMA Custom Research offers you opportunities to tailor your research to a niche market. If you’re seeking to gain qualitative and quantitative insights from HFMA members on a specific topic, our full-service research team can help you meet your objectives.

Sponsorship options

Intercept Survey

Our team will conduct an intercept survey to attendees at an HFMA event* with a focus on a single topic. Sponsors will have the opportunity to work with our team on framing the questions. HFMA will conduct the survey, perform an analysis, and present findings. Results will be incorporated into an article highlighting key findings and published in hfm, on, in HFMA e-newsletters, and on social media channels. 
Example: Analyzing pre-payment and point-of-service collections efforts

*There will be a limited number of surveys executed per HFMA event.

Pulse Survey

HFMA takes the pulse of the industry to gather meaningful and timely insights. HFMA will conduct a short survey (up to 5 close-ended questions) targeted to a relevant audience on a topic of the sponsor’s choice. Results can help validate the sponsor’s mission and provide insight into new opportunities. HFMA will analyze the results and present them in a slideshow format. 

Custom Survey
Sponsor an in-depth survey to gain insights on challenges, opportunities, or trends in the healthcare finance market. HFMA will collaborate with the sponsor on survey questions which can be a mix of open and close-ended. HFMA will conduct the online survey to a targeted audience. Survey results will be presented in a slide show and an article will be written to showcase key findings.

Focus Groups

Gain qualitative knowledge from HFMA members. HFMA will recruit participants and moderate a focus group on behalf of the sponsor. HFMA will assist in creating a discussion guide and will present a report of the focus group findings. 

Other custom research offerings

HFMA can provide other custom research such as one on one interviews, brand perception studies, and more. 

For more information on sponsorship, submit the below form or email [email protected] if you need immediate assistance.

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