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HFMA e-newsletters provide an opportunity for you to extend your online exposure to select audiences. In addition to sponsorship opportunities, a variety of advertising options are available including leaderboards, cube ads, and text ads.

HFMA Daily

Helping members navigate top-of-mind news and hot topics on a daily basis. This 5-day a week e-newsletter aggregates the important articles from HFMA and beyond based on people’s preferences. Members receive an email customized with stories that are relevant to them and their professional role.

*HFMA membership numbers shift throughout the year so metrics for emails targeted to all members vary based on volume of members at that time, number of active email addresses, and a member’s email preferences.


Audience: 71% mid-level through executive
Distribution: 50,000+
Frequency: 5x/week, Monday-Friday


Leadership provides the insights that finance leaders need to help guide their organizations during a tumultuous period for the healthcare industry. Content is geared specifically to the C-suite and incorporates topics such as change management, communication, strategy execution and more.


Audience: 60% mid-level through executive
Distribution: 35,000+
Frequency: Monthly

Healthcare Finance Strategies

Real-time case studies and strategies from across healthcare. Featuring HFMA’s best, most practical content each month.


Audience: 70.5% mid-level through executive
Distribution: 50,000+
Frequency: Monthly

Revenue Cycle Insights

News, trends and tools curated specifically to help revenue cycle professionals of all levels become better, more informed, effective employees.


Audience: HFMA members with job functions that include revenue cycle or patient financial services in job title
Distribution: 25,000+
Frequency: Monthly

Cost Effectiveness of Health Report

The Cost Effectiveness of Health Report provides a broad range of insights and guidance on steps healthcare finance leaders can take to help increase the margins and ensure long-term financial sustainability of their organizations, from case examples of performance improvement issues to expanding the role of clinical pharmacists in ambulatory care.


Audience: HFMA members with job functions in accounting, finance, audit, reimbursement, budgeting, compliance, decision support, managed care, administration and risk management

Distribution: 11,000+
Frequency: Monthly

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