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hfm (Healthcare Financial Management) is HFMA’s flagship media brand and ranks as the country’s premier magazine with peer-reviewed  content for healthcare finance professionals. When you advertise in hfm, your message reaches key healthcare finance decision makers.

hfm now has a new, contemporary design, more practical articles and cover stories with healthcare finance superstars. For advertisers, this offers the chance to align your brand with an authoritative and well-designed industry resource that could rival national business publications.

Based on reported reading habits, we can estimate the healthcare financial executives spend an average of 2,850 total hours with a typical issue of hfm compared with 1,500 total hours or less spent with the magazine’s nearest competitors.

According to a Readex Preference Study, healthcare finance executives surveyed reported:

  • 70% retain hfm for future reference
  • Half of all finance executives receiving mulitple publications would select hfm
  • Half of all finance executives report visiting hfma.org
  • Financial executives spend an average of 41 minutes reading or looking through a typical issue of hfm

Space deadline: 8/5/22
Materials deadline: 8/11/22

Space deadline: 9/6/22
Materials deadline: 9/12/22

Space deadline: 10/6/22
Materials deadline: 10/12/22

Space deadline: 11/4/22
Materials deadline: 11/10/22

Space deadline: 1/9/23
Materials deadline: 1/16/23

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Materials deadline: 3/14/23

Space deadline: 4/10/23
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Materials deadline: 8/11/23

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Materials deadline: 9/12/23

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Materials deadline: 10/13/23

Space deadline: 11/7/23
Materials deadline: 11/13/23

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