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Healthcare News of Note: 100 hospitals receive funding for new physician residency slots to boost healthcare access

CMS distributed 200 Medicare-funded physician residency slots to 100 hospitals, aiming to bolster healthcare access in areas with a shortage of qualified professionals. Overall cancer mortality has dropped 33% since 1991, averting an estimated 3.8 million cancer deaths, according to the American Cancer Society’s latest report. Patients’ ratings of specialist care were markedly higher when…

Deborah Filipek January 30, 2023

CMS continues to relax enforcement of COVID-19 vaccination requirements

CMS has revised its guidance to state survey agencies regarding assessment of healthcare provider compliance with COVID-19 vaccination requirements for staff.

Nick Hut October 27, 2022


HFMA June 16, 2022

Why Vertical Consolidation May Be the Superior Strategy for Healthcare Mergers

Richard Rollo explains how horizontal consolidation could be a useful precursor to a new wave of vertical consolidation.

Richard Rollo March 8, 2019

The Plain Community: Meeting a Unique Consumer Healthcare Challenge

Jeff Goldsmith, John Porter, and Maria Royce describe one health system’s effective solution for addressing the healthcare needs of a religious community whose belief systems prevent them from accessing care via common, mainstream approaches. 

John Porter February 28, 2019

3 Best Practices to Reduce the Cost of Healthcare Miscommunication

Will O’Connor discusses the top causes of miscommunication among medical staff and ways to avoid them to ensure patient safety and fewer malpractice claims. 

Will O’Connor February 27, 2019

Medically Tailored Meals More Than Pay for Themselves

Lori Wiviott Tishler, MD, describes the Commonwealth Care Alliance’s approach to partnering with community-based organizations to provide medically tailored meals to members in need.

Lori Wiviott Tishler February 18, 2019

The ROI of HIPAA Compliance

Marty Puranik describes the financial benefits of compliance.

Marty Puranik February 5, 2019

A New Era in Healthcare Data Monetization

Technological advancements present an opportunity for healthcare organizations to monetize data.

Stephanie Crabb February 4, 2019

New Healthcare Partnerships and Technology Bring Real Competition to Health Systems

Robert P. Chamberlain discusses the move toward employer-offered health care and how health systems can compete.

Robert P. Chamberlain February 1, 2019
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