Limit financial risk from Medicaid redetermination

Medicaid redetermination isn’t going smoothly. As of late December 2023, the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 71% of Medicaid disenrollments nationwide were for procedural reasons. That means patients are losing coverage because they filled out a form incorrectly or missed a deadline, not because they’re truly ineligible for renewal. Provider organizations can play a pivotal…

Noel Felipe January 24, 2024

As healthcare defragments, payers grow stronger 

Two professional memories from the past two decades come to mind as I look to the horizon and try to see where this industry is headed, as all healthcare investors must do.   The first memory is of the constant refrain I heard from healthcare executives in Nashville, Tennessee, as I was learning the ropes of…

Marcus Whitney December 12, 2023

Marcus Whitney: Banking struggles are limiting healthcare innovation

T here has not been much ado in the healthcare world about the failure of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), but maybe there should be.   Once considered the go-to bank for startups, SVB was the target of a bank run March 9 driven by news of their held-to- maturity bonds being underwater, and it was taken over by…

Marcus Whitney May 30, 2023

Why the idea of disruption is so hard for healthcare leaders to understand

It’s time to talk about the word disruption – what it is and what it isn’t – because right now in healthcare it seems to be generating more angst than strategy. First, some good news. Disruption (shorthand for “disruptive innovation”) is just a theory. It’s an idea. That’s all. It was first introduced in the…

Andrew Donahue, FHFMA, CPA March 13, 2023

Healing our healthcare system starts with valuing our healthcare heroes

The C-suite leaders of U.S. hospitals and health systems have a critical charge as the stewards of our nation’s healthcare system: Cultivate an environment of well-deserved trust that encompasses patients and caregivers alike. Without such trust, our healthcare system will flounder. Building trust starts with demonstrating integrity in upholding the organization’s mission of delivering high-quality,…

Martin Bluth November 28, 2022

Hospitals enjoy new opportunities for renewable energy projects

A new direct payment option is now available for hospitals and health systems planning renewable energy projects. For hospitals and health systems that are planning a renewable energy project at a new or existing facility, provisions of the recently enacted Inflation Reduction Act now allow the federal government to provide a direct payment for qualifying…

John Andersen November 20, 2022
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