What can providers do as COVID-19 poses increased headwinds to uninsured rate

HFMA's Chad Mulvany says as the number of uninsured patients increases, providers will need to have medical accounts resolution processes in place that stress patient education and engagement as early in the process as possible.

Chad Mulvany, FHFMA November 12, 2020

HHS Provider Relief Fund updates include clarifications, confirmations and redefinitions

HFMA's Chad Mulvany says while HHS’s reinterpretations and additional clarifications are generally much appreciated, there are a number of additional items that HHS needs to address.

Chad Mulvany, FHFMA November 10, 2020

COVID-19 exacerbates bankruptcy for at-risk hospitals

HFMA's Chad Mulvany says there will be a greater number of hospital bankruptcies the longer Congress and the administration dither on additional relief to providers and if more providers have to reduce the volume of non-emergent services due to spiking COVID-19 cases.

Chad Mulvany, FHFMA November 9, 2020

COVID-19 interim final rule focus: Increased Medicare payment for qualifying COVID-19 treatment

HFMA's Chad Mulvany says HFMA believes CMS should modify the NCTAP payment as HFMA is concerned that payment methodology will not cover the cost of qualifying new COVID-19 treatments provided to Medicare beneficiaries.

Chad Mulvany, FHFMA November 6, 2020

A murky step in the right direction: HHS releases updated CARES Act Provider Relief Fund guidance

HHS, in a recent update, partially reverts back to the June 19 FAQs, which based the amount of PRF a provider is entitled to on lost revenue as opposed to its switch to lost margin in the Sept. 19 guidance.

Chad Mulvany, FHFMA November 1, 2020

Latest HHS provider relief fund FAQs offer insight into what’s permissible under the Sept. 19 reporting requirements

HFMA's Chad Mulvany says due to HHS's whipsaw approach to the provider relief fund FAQs and guidance, any clarity to be derived from the Phase 3 application instructions and FAQs needs to be considered with a measure of caution.

Chad Mulvany, FHFMA October 22, 2020

HHS announces Phase 3 CARES Act Provider Relief Funding

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services will accept applications for Phase 3 General Distributions of provider relief funds Oct. 5 – Nov. 6.

Chad Mulvany, FHFMA October 8, 2020

What can healthcare providers expect now that a COVID-19 relief package failed a procedural vote in the Senate

HFMA's Chad Mulvany says it’s not surprising the GOP's COVID-19 relief measure failed, given the package was negotiated without input from Democrats.

Chad Mulvany, FHFMA September 15, 2020

Pandemic increases pressures for rural hospitals struggling pre-COVID-19

HFMA's Chad Mulvany says weakened rural providers will likely seek to align more closely or be acquired by a larger healthcare system or merge with one another to gain economies of scale.

Chad Mulvany, FHFMA September 2, 2020

What’s new in the CARES Act Provider Relief Fund FAQs as of Aug. 27

On Aug. 27, HHS updated who should attest to the terms and conditions when a parent organization receives a targeted distribution payment for a subsidiary.

Chad Mulvany, FHFMA September 1, 2020
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