Title: 2018 ACA Marketplace Plan Selections Reach 97 Percent of 2017 Total

Feb. 7—Nationwide plan selections in government-run individual-insurance marketplaces reached 11.8 million during open enrollment for 2018, according to outside analysts.

Rich Daly February 8, 2018

Medicare Extenders and DSH Delay Face Uncertain Future

Feb. 6—Hospitals have faced a range of payment cuts since a regularly renewed package of Medicare funding lapsed at the end of 2017. But those cuts soon could be reversed.

Rich Daly February 7, 2018

CMS Offers Hospitals New Medicare Appeals Option

Feb. 6—A new settlement offer to resolve outstanding Medicare claims that have been denied on appeal is available for a limited time from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). The offer guarantees 62 cents on the dollar for claimed payment and payable on a faster timetable than previously available.

Mark Taylor February 6, 2018

Proposal Calls for 1.84 Percent Rate Hike for 2019 Medicare Advantage Plans

Feb. 5—Medicare Advantage (MA) plans would receive a 1.84 percent pay boost in 2019 under a recently issued proposed call letter.

Rich Daly February 6, 2018

Few Physicians Support Value-Based Models: Survey

Jan. 31—Most physicians are unconvinced that high-profile value-based payment models will either control costs or improve patient health outcomes, according to a recent survey.

Rich Daly February 1, 2018

Did Prices Drive Recent Healthcare Spending?

Jan. 30—Healthcare prices were cited as the driver of the recent surge in healthcare spending, but that conclusion may be missing the whole picture, according to some researchers.

Rich Daly January 31, 2018

Insurers, Hospitals See Different Paths to Boosting Competition

Jan. 29—Hospital and insurer advocates urged the Trump administration to take differing approaches in its quest to increase competition in health care.

Rich Daly January 30, 2018

Global Hospital Budgets Don’t Cut Utilization: Study

Jan. 26—A potential national model for moving hospitals to global budgets was unable to reduce patient utilization during its first two years, according to recent research.

Rich Daly January 29, 2018

Medicaid Expansion Enrollees Increase Healthcare Costs

Jan. 25—Healthcare costs have continued to increase among those who enrolled in Medicaid under the healthcare reform eligibility expansion, according to a new analysis.

Rich Daly January 26, 2018

CHIP Deal Lifts Pressure on Hospital Margins

Jan. 24—Children’s hospitals got a big financial boost from the recent deal to fund the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for six years as part of a short-term funding bill.

Rich Daly January 25, 2018
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