Healthcare Blame Game: What media and lawmakers don’t understand about hospital finances

In this episode, HFMA policy director Andrew Donahue discusses margins, investments and M&A and what measure tells the real story of hospital finance.

Erika Grotto May 23, 2024

Gaining the confidence and skill to improve your public speaking

HFMA's Annual Conference is mere weeks away. If you're sweating your presentation, today's episode is for you. Rhonda Khan of Simply Speech Solutions gives her thoughts on how to hook your audience and get your message across.

Erika Grotto May 21, 2024

What’s more uncomfortable than menopause? A workplace discussion about it.

Dr. Bruce Dorr of Biote discusses the challenges facing perimenopausal women in the workplace and what leaders should be doing to support them.

Erika Grotto May 6, 2024

Healthcare Blame Game: New York Times medical debt piece dubbed ‘laziest story of the year,’ plus revisiting charity care policies

Brad examines a New York Times article by investigative reporter Sarah Kliff about a recent study of patients whose debt was eliminated by RIP Medical Debt. Researchers say the results surprised them.

Erika Grotto April 29, 2024

It’s time to revisit your charity care policy

The cover story in the May issue of hfm focuses on a South Dakota health system that developed a new process to identify charity care patients. In this episode, HFMA Policy Director Shawn Stack discusses why good financial assistance policies and process are essential to patient care.

Erika Grotto April 22, 2024

Healthcare Blame Game: Patient Rights Advocate’s distortion of price transparency regulations and data, and the ad campaign that’s catching attention

Patient Rights Advocate (PRA) has engaged hip hop artists like Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes and Method Man in its “Power to the Patients” campaign, claiming that regulations around price transparency are not being enforced, allowing hospitals to hide their prices and “charge whatever they want.” On this episode, HFMA Policy Director Shawn Stack and Ruth Lande, vice president of hospital relations at RIP Medical Debt, discuss PRA’s misinterpretation of price transparency regulations and hospital pricing.

Erika Grotto February 5, 2024

Asking the right questions to help patients age in place

Dan Weinrieb of Jukebox Health discusses why providers should be paying attention to fall risk in patients' homes.

Erika Grotto January 29, 2024

The big picture for healthcare in 2024, with Andrew Donahue

HFMA Policy Director Andrew Donahue discusses what trends and policy decisions will affect the healthcare industry in this election year.

Erika Grotto January 15, 2024

An extended year-end policy update with Nick Hut and Shawn Stack

HFMA Senior Editor Nick Hut and HFMA Policy Director Shawn Stack discuss the most pressing end-of-year issues for 2023.

Erika Grotto December 18, 2023

Healthcare Blame Game: TIME hits the mark, Modern Healthcare misses, and a longtime HFMA member talks about why CFOs should build media relationships

Brad speaks with retired CFO and longtime HFMA member Jim Heffernan about why CFOs should be at the forefront of telling an organization’s financial story.

Erika Grotto December 13, 2023
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