What exactly is robotic process automation?

Today’s robots can be governed by business logic, structured inputs and artificial intelligence to manage complex processes and apply decision-making abilities.

HFMA October 7, 2019

Deciding whether to build or buy robotic process automation systems

There are many considerations in the quest to automate revenue cycle processes. Revenue cycle leaders must set the stage by determining whether to build a system internally or partner to implement robotic process automation.

Andrew Woughter October 7, 2019

Wireless infant sensors present an opportunity for ROI in innovation

The process of vetting new technology for infants in the NICU shows the rigorous standards for implementing technology in healthcare.

Elizabeth Barker September 23, 2019

How to prepare your revenue cycle and your employees for a digital workforce

Transitioning the revenue cycle process to a digital workforce should include integration of a strategic human workforce plan to manage employee anxiety about job redeployment and attrition.

Prashant Karamchandani September 16, 2019

University of Rochester: Using telemedicine to reach more patients with Parkinson’s disease

An academic medical center’s efforts to bring telemedicine to patients with Parkinson’s disease has reduced costs and improved outcomes.

Ray Dorsey, MD August 21, 2019

You can succeed with new technology by committing to one guiding principle: simplicity

HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer says simplicity should be a guiding principle for success in an era of technological accelerations.

Joseph J. Fifer, FHFMA, CPA August 19, 2019

The role prescribing guidelines play in patient-monitoring

Research showed healthcare providers were able to reduce opioid misuse in their practices by 40% when they followed prescribing guidelines that included regular prescription drug monitoring program checks and toxicology testing.

HFMA August 12, 2019

Ways to reduce opioid misuse through patient monitoring

Tackling state and federal prescribing guidelines can improve healthcare providers documentation and administrative reporting and potentially reduce their liability for patient opioid misuse.

Scott LaNeve August 12, 2019

Digitization of care plans boosts clinical decision making

Digitization of care plans can help healthcare providers create processes of care that focus on achieving high-value outcomes.

Douglas Ardoin, MD, MBA July 26, 2019

Cutting through the hype to find practical approaches to interoperability

To promote interoperability, the healthcare industry should seek to optimize existing tools by ensuring consistency of use across the continuum of care.

Erkan Akyuz June 20, 2019
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