Accounting and Financial Reporting

How Price Transparency Can Lower Healthcare Costs

Joseph Sanginiti explains how healthcare providers, health plans, and consumers must work together to manage the cost of health care.

Joseph Sanginiti August 30, 2017

Critical Access Hospital Makes Transparency a Priority

Henry County Health Center has simplified patient billing and added a patient estimator tool to enhance the patient experience and improve collections.

Laura Ramos Hegwer August 10, 2017

Ask the Experts: Budget Staffing

Do you have a single position responsible for the capital and operating budget function across your health system, or is the function spread out with positions responsible for a specific function such as operating budget separate from capital and fixed assets?

HFMA August 10, 2017

Critical Drivers of Payment Differentials

Increases in hospital payment have not kept pace with general inflation. Healthcare leaders can isolate areas that help maintain or improve current performance.

William O. Cleverley, PhD August 10, 2017

4 Best Practices for Effective Post-Allocation Management

Thoughtful design and implementation of capital post-allocation management encourages project sponsors to meet the performance targets established in their business plans.

Jess Block August 10, 2017

Catching Up on Your MIPS Strategy

A MIPS implementation plan involves creating a team, choosing metrics and a reporting mechanism, and looking at the new Medicare Part B payment model as part of your broader payer strategy.

Laura Ramos Hegwer August 7, 2017

Healthcare Cost Containment: August 2017

Subscribers can access the August 2017 issue of Healthcare Cost Containment.

HFMA August 1, 2017

$28M in Healthcare Costs Associated with Opioid Epidemic

Health care accounts for about one-third of the total $78.5 billion costs attributable to the prescription opioid epidemic.

HFMA August 1, 2017

Ask the Experts: RAC Reserves on Balance Sheets

How should hospitals account for RAC reserves on their balance sheets?

HFMA July 17, 2017

Revenue Cycle Risks and Rewards in the Era of Value-Based Care

Physician specialty practices face the daunting task of recalibrating their revenue cycle management processes to optimize their financial performance under value-based care.

Charles Saunders, MD July 10, 2017
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