Bundled Payment

After big payouts, Medicare may throttle back bundled payment program

Most BPCI-A participants could see bonuses dry up if proposed changes in the program are implemented.

Rich Daly July 22, 2020

Bundled payment participants face choices on 2020 performance measurement, continued participation

CMS further detailed how hospitals should evaluate their 2020 options and whether to continue in the BPCI-A model.

Rich Daly June 22, 2020

Where are Medicare value-based payment models headed after COVID-19?

The pandemic-driven changes in policies, payment and patient attitudes could change participation in and provider approaches to value-based payment models, say advisers.

Rich Daly June 10, 2020

Mandatory bundled payment program for joint replacement makes changes to accommodate hospitals during COVID-19

Medicare’s largest mandatory bundled payment program is striving to adapt to the unique challenges the coronavirus has created for its hospital participants.

Rich Daly April 30, 2020

How to Succeed in the BPCI-A Program: Transforming Care Across the Continuum

A strategy-focused article about the importance of robust care coordination and management for successful participation in alternative advanced payment models. Includes information from a recent meeting of HFMA’s Value-Based Healthcare Innovation Council (VBHIC).

HFMA March 31, 2020

CMS proposes extending mandatory bundled payment model for joint replacements

CMS plans to extend the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement program with modifications.

HFMA February 26, 2020

BPCI Advanced participation jumps by 57% in its third year

Provider participation in the largest Medicare voluntary bundled payment program surged in its third year.

Rich Daly January 15, 2020

Analysis: Aspire Health Founder Brad Smith chosen as new CMMI director

The change in CMMI leadership could mean long-anticipated models are released, and may signal more emphasis on palliative care in future models based on Brad Smith’s background.

Chad Mulvany, FHFMA January 14, 2020

Limits on savings from bundled payments identified in new research

Bundled payment program savings appear limited to lower joint replacement, and changes may be needed to improve the programs, according to new research.

Rich Daly January 7, 2020

A closer look at healthcare payment methods

A short description of payment methodologies offers context on the argument about whether fixed fees are preferable to percent-of-charge provisions.

William O. Cleverley, PhD January 2, 2020
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