Holliday & Associates: Comprehensive Charge Management Software

A charge management company discusses how it helps clients successfully manage charge processes, comply with changing coding and regulatory requirements, eliminate charge-related compliance risks and ensure accurate and appropriate reimbursement.

HFMA October 1, 2019

Ontario Systems: Helping Healthcare Organizations Realize the Benefits of an Accountable Collections Team

Steve Scibetta, vice president and general manager at Ontario Systems, offers strategies for optimizing the revenue cycle, including employing supportive accounts receivable technology and building an accountable collections team.

HFMA August 31, 2019

University of Rochester: Using telemedicine to reach more patients with Parkinson’s disease

An academic medical center’s efforts to bring telemedicine to patients with Parkinson’s disease has reduced costs and improved outcomes.

Ray Dorsey, MD August 21, 2019

Evolving compliance risks that should be on your radar

Today’s healthcare organizations face evolving compliance risks that require multidimensional compliance programs focused on promoting greater coordination among all an organization’s functional areas.

Kelly L. Smith, CPA June 21, 2019

Small practices lack support personnel for frail elderly patients

Despite recommendations for practices to add support personnel to coordinate the care of their frail elderly patients, few small, independent practices employ such staff, new research found.

Rich Daly June 5, 2019

Mandates related to pricing, Medicare participation lead hospital concerns over healthcare IT proposed rules

Hospitals supported many of the transparency goals of two proposed healthcare IT rules, but two areas drew sharp concerns.

Rich Daly June 5, 2019

How to avoid the devastating consequences of HIPAA noncompliance

The potential costs of being found noncompliant with HIPAA are too great for a healthcare provider organization not to have in place a compliance program designed to help safeguard patients’ protected health information.

Hernan Serrano May 29, 2019

An effective healthcare real estate compliance program: critical to health system success

Physician real estate agreements are an important focus of a compliance strategy.

Goran Musinovic, JD May 29, 2019

5 steps to becoming HIPAA compliant

Healthcare organizations that qualify as HIPAA covered entities should take five steps when developing a compliance program designed to meet their obligation under HIPAA to safeguard patients’ protected health information.

HFMA May 20, 2019

Signs and symptoms to watch for in evolving compliance areas

Five evolving areas for compliance require attention from a hospital’s or health system’s compliance program: quality of care, patient abuse, quality reporting, emergency preparedness and case management.

HFMA May 19, 2019
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