Cost Effectiveness of Health

By adopting 4 models for managing risk, healthcare organizations can secure the foundation for value-based payment success

By adopting four models for optimizing costs, care delivery, the continuum of care and contracts under risk-based payment, health systems can create an integrated framework for guiding their value-focused strategy and focusing their efforts in risk-based contracting.

Daniel J. Marino July 15, 2021

Financial metrics show a steady recovery for hospitals as the COVID-19 pandemic subsides

The latest financial data from the hospital sector paints a picture of a continuing recovery from the depths of the pandemic.

Nick Hut July 2, 2021

Financial Sustainability Report: June 2021

This June issue of the Financial Sustainability Report, sponsored by Kaufman Hall, leads off with results of HFMA’s recent report examining the evolving role of the healthcare CFO over the next decade. Two features also examine steps health systems can take to promote success with value-based payment initiatives, including developing models to inform their efforts with risk-based contracts and focusing efforts on removing impediments to success under such contracts.

HFMA June 25, 2021

Why the physician’s office, not the ED, is a health system’s true front door

As revenue from inpatient care continues to decline as a percentage of total revenue, health system leaders should acknowledge the pivotal role physicians play in bringing patients into their systems.

Matthew Bates June 25, 2021

Healthcare CFOs should ensure their organizations’ contracts are well administered to avoid financial risk exposure

Administering contracts is a core activity for healthcare organizations, given that contracts collectively reflect the organization’s business obligations, including all assets, relationships and terms it is required to manage. It therefore is an important concern for the senior finance leader.

Nathan Hershkowitz June 25, 2021

Transitioning health systems to accepting more risk: Key steps to ensuring financial sustainability

The COVID-19 pandemic has renewed many health systems’ interest in pursuing population health initiatives. Yet success with such initiatives will remain elusive if they do not address two common barriers to success: lack of aligned incentives and insufficient infrastructure.

Orry Jacobs, MBA June 24, 2021

Financial Sustainability Report: March 2021

The March Financial Sustainability Report, sponsored by Kaufman Hall, highlights significant changes in the nature of risk that hospitals and health systems face in the post-pandemic world, and how these organizations’ leaders should respond. Other articles explore key success factors in M&A initiatives and tactics for controlling variation in costs for surgical procedures.

HFMA June 1, 2021

Financial Sustainability Report: April 2021

The April Financial Sustainability Report, sponsored by Kaufman Hall, offers results of a health system’s assessment of its costs to deliver telemedicine services. Other content includes a case study of how a large medical group revamped its approach to compensating its employed physicians, and guidance on how to stem the losses many hospitals incur around referrals for ambulatory services.

HFMA June 1, 2021

Financial Sustainability Report: May 2021

The May Financial Sustainability Report, sponsored by Kaufman Hall, describes a new method for compensating physicians that better accounts for each organization’s unique circumstances. It also includes guidance for finance and clinical leaders on how they can work together effectively while acknowledging their differences, and it examines how payer-provider partnerships are helping organizations keep pace with a transforming healthcare industry.

HFMA June 1, 2021

Financial Sustainability Report: March 2020

The March issue of the Financial Sustainability Report, sponsored by Kaufman Hall, provides insights and guidance for healthcare finance leaders ranging from accessing untapped opportunities for cost savings to using risk stratification to improve the organization’s position in negotiating risk contracts.

HFMA June 1, 2021
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