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Healthcare News of Note: The negative impact of work on health and well-being is the No. 1 reason nurses gave for why they are planning to leave their job

Healthcare News of Note for healthcare finance professionals is a roundup of recent news articles: Negative impacts of work spur nurses’ plans to leave their jobs, annual healthcare spending is higher than ever for insured individuals, and climate change is having a negative effect on human health.

Deborah Filipek October 28, 2021

With substantial Medicare payment cuts pending, medical groups call for Congress to act

Payment cuts scheduled for 2022 would amount to a 9.75% reduction in Medicare revenue for medical groups, which are calling on Congress to pass legislation to stop the cuts.

Nick Hut October 14, 2021

Healthcare M&A activity for Q3 remains low in volume but high in impact, firms report

The number of M&A transactions involving hospitals and health systems remained at historically low levels, but the average revenue involved was far higher than in recent years.

Nick Hut October 11, 2021

Consumerism and the transition to value are among the trends drawing strategic reactions from healthcare providers, survey finds

A recent survey finds healthcare providers working to ensure their strategic planning incorporates key trends, spurring innovations in care delivery models.

Nick Hut October 8, 2021

Site-of-care payment issues get highlighted by UnitedHealthcare and MedPAC

A new report issued by a leading health plan is the latest sign that hospitals and health systems can expect payers to ramp up implementation of site-neutral payments.

Nick Hut September 27, 2021

Study finds little correlation between market concentration and high healthcare prices

The findings have implications as policymakers consider ways to curb healthcare prices.

Nick Hut September 21, 2021

The Great Resignation: Reality or myth?

The predicted “Great Resignation” is upon us, but there are things leaders can do to both stem the losses and seize the opportunity to become an employer of choice.

Jill Geisler September 16, 2021

HFMA’s Fifer, international panelists discuss how to improve investment in health

HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer participated in an international summit that included a session on bolstering health through appropriate investment strategies.

Nick Hut September 9, 2021

Research finds widespread issues with community health needs assessments developed by nonprofit hospitals

A majority of hospitals make the required CHNA documents accessible, but many don’t include all the obligatory elements.

Nick Hut September 1, 2021

Want to foster innovation in healthcare? Give it a foster home

There is a way for healthcare organizations to mitigate the risk, while still enjoying the benefits, of a successful innovation. Instead of developing innovative projects on their own, they may find fostering innovation in others brings rewards that make it worthwhile.

Jeff Helton,  PHD, FHFMA, CMA, CFE August 26, 2021
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