Treasury and Cash Management

Hospital finances are on the upswing, but the toll of the Change Healthcare outage is yet to be seen

Note: The second section of this article was updated where noted with a new comment from Fitch Ratings. There is reason to be optimistic about the state of hospital finances, but the impact of the Change Healthcare cyberattack has added uncertainty to the forecasts. Financial metrics for the first two months of 2024 continued to…

Nick Hut March 28, 2024

The latest on hospital finances: Signs of improvement, but margins remain tight

Industry-level hospital financial insights reflect the mixed results of a recovery that’s in progress but is expected to be a long slog. In a 2023 midyear report (login required), Moody’s Investors Service noted that margins are below 3% for a third of the company’s rated hospitals. Before the pandemic, only about 6% had margins in…

Nick Hut July 27, 2023

Best practices for relieving unprecedented cost pressures facing healthcare providers

Due to labor cost increases, inflation, declining Medicare reimbursements and other reasons, health systems across the nation are feeling a new financial strain after the height of the pandemic.

HFMA March 29, 2023

Inflation threat leads hospital investment managers to proceed with caution

The emergence of price inflation is giving health systems trouble beyond rising supply and wage expenses in the form of negative investment returns and higher borrowing costs.

Nancy Mann Jackson October 5, 2022

Improve cash flow and cost of reworking denials with the efficientC claim scrubber technology

In five years’ time, denial claims have shot up 20%. Learn about a decision support and claims management technology platform that stops claims before they get denied.

HFMA August 31, 2022

TruBridge’s RCM Product Suite helps healthcare organizations find solutions to poor revenue cycle performance

Learn how one company specializes in helping healthcare organizations of all sizes diagnose the root cause of poor revenue cycle performance and then make improvements.

HFMA August 31, 2022

Finding solutions to better manage payment process workflows

In this roundtable, revenue cycle leaders share their challenges, how they have enhanced payment processes through automation, and how they have identified opportunities for improvement.

HFMA April 29, 2022

Provider Relief Fund update: Second reporting deadline looms as the fund nears depletion

Healthcare organizations that received Provider Relief Fund payments between July 1 and Dec. 31, 2020, have until Thursday, March 31 to report on their use of those funds.

Nick Hut March 25, 2022

The Provider Relief Fund distribution formula may have left some higher-need hospitals at a disadvantage, study finds

Critical access hospitals generally received lower allocations from a targeted distribution pool compared with hospitals that had a better asset mix.

Nick Hut October 28, 2021

Liquidity levels in a COVID world: Why healthcare finance leaders should be paying attention

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, many hospitals and health systems are finding they have excess liquidity levels on hand. As a result, they face a question of whether, and how, the should unwind their excess liquidity positions in favor of a more streamlined cash management process.

Geoff Stenger March 30, 2021
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