Leadership & Professional Development

Whether You Win or Lose, Don’t Lose the Lessons

HFMA Career Coach Joe Abel looks at the career wins and losses of Hall of Fame pitcher Cy Young, and how we can learn career lessons from Young's attitude about winning and losing.

Joe Abel January 16, 2017

Giving Your ‘Gifts’ Away can Help Define Your Purpose

Lin Sue Cooney, director of community engagement for Hospice of the Valley in Phoenix, writes about how using her gifts to serve others led her to make a career transition from broadcast journalism to health care. 

Lin Sue Cooney January 16, 2017

CEO Says to Embrace the Forks in the Road of Your Career Journey

For Avein Saaty-Tafoya, CEO of Adelante Healthcare in Phoenix, her career has been all about embracing the bumps in the road. Her story will change the way you look at career opportunities.  

Rachael Zimlich January 16, 2017

How Positivity Provides Fuel for Your Career

Are you a pessimist, optimist, or realist? How do you know? Hilda Villaverde, PhD, looks at the benefits of positivity in our lives and careers, and provides an assessment tool to fine-tune your optimism level. 

Hilda Villaverde January 16, 2017

CFO Uses Caring and Compassion to Guide Her Career Journey

Although she didn't start out working in health care, Sharp VP/CFO Kari Cornicelli was quickly drawn to the field because of the opportunity to use her financial skills in an environment in which caring and compassion are at the forefront of the business. 

Kari Cornicelli January 16, 2017

When Leading and Managing Others: First Do No Harm

A five step model helps leaders focus on the potential ethical issues behind their decisions.

Marty Martin July 11, 2016

Ask the Expert: Directing a Decision Support Department

How finance leaders can prepare for a technical decision support role.

HFMA October 25, 2012
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