Leadership & Professional Development

Having Faith in the Spotlight

Hayley Studer, CPA, interviews Faith in the Spotlight author and "Inside Edition" TV news correspondent Megan Alexander about her recently published book, which provides practical tips for living out your faith in a secular workplace.

Hayley Studer November 17, 2017

Reflections: Our Work in Health Care Is Bigger Than Ourselves

November also reminds us that in the midst of business and everyday chaos, it's important to make time for something bigger than ourselves.

Alyssa Gallagher November 17, 2017

Executive Presence and Why It Matters

Business and career coach Vickie Austin reviews author Sylvia Ann Hewlett's Executive Presence: The Missing Link Between Merit and Success, a humorous take on how to cultivate this crucial skill for workplace success. 

Vickie Austin October 23, 2017

How to Accept and Leverage Feedback for Career Growth

Douglas Stone, founder of Triad Consulting, a lecturer on law at Harvard Law School, and co-author of Thanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well, says the key to receiving feedback is to understand that it's a normal part of coaching.  

Rachael Zimlich October 23, 2017

How to Create Passion in Your Career

Most people want to achieve success. Finding something you're passionate about is at the heart of being inspired and developing a sense of purpose, writes Kayce Dover, MSHI, RHIA, a health information management (HIM) professional.  

Kayce Dover October 20, 2017

1 (Maybe 2) Percent Feedback

HFMA Career Coach Joe Abel writes that feedback must be sifted to be useful, so how does one find the 1, maybe 2, percent of the conversation that is genuinely helpful?

Joe Abel October 17, 2017

Feedback is a Gift

Shanna Hanson, manager of business knowledge for Human Arc, unwraps the gift of feedback and examines what it is, some tools and tips for giving and receiving it, and barriers to providing it.

Shanna Hanson October 17, 2017

We Become What We Know

Anna Dapelo-Garcia, administrative director of patient access services at Stanford Health Care, chose to give back to industry by founding "Lean In Latinas," a chapter of the Lean In organization founded by Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook.

Vickie Austin September 18, 2017

We Become What We Know

Hilda Villaverde, PhD, writes that no education is ever a waste of time. Whether you're following an academic course of study, a technical track, an internship, volunteering, or acquiring wisdom from day-to-day lessons at work, knowledge collected and applied is time well spent.

Hilda Villaverde September 13, 2017

Finding Where Your Passion Meets Your Purpose

When HFMA Chair Carol Friesen unveiled her theme, "Where Passion Meets Purpose," at HFMA's Leadership Training Conference in April, Hayley Studer, CPA, vice president of community partnerships for Credit Adjustments Inc., read those words, reflected on her career journey, and realized that she needed to make a big change to fulfill her professional purpose. 

Hayley Studer September 13, 2017
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