Privacy and HIPAA

5 steps to becoming HIPAA compliant

Healthcare organizations that qualify as HIPAA covered entities should take five steps when developing a compliance program designed to meet their obligation under HIPAA to safeguard patients’ protected health information.

HFMA May 20, 2019

Ask the Experts: HIPAA compliance

What are the HIPAA implications of accessing existing subscriber information in our records for patients who don’t have their insurance information?

HFMA May 14, 2019

$25 million in penalties demonstrates OCR focus on data security

OCR announced 10 important enforcement actions in 2018.

J. Stuart Showalter, JD, MFS May 14, 2019

The ROI of HIPAA Compliance

Marty Puranik describes the financial benefits of compliance.

Marty Puranik February 5, 2019

HIPAA IT Predictions for 2019

Moazzam Adnan Raja describes new opportunities and challenges in health IT.

Moazzam Adnan Raja January 17, 2019

HIPAA Breaches Make News, Cost Money

Three Boston hospitals that were recently slapped with HIPAA violations for allowing television crews into their facilities are reminders of the intricacies of patient privacy laws. 

J. Stuart Showalter November 20, 2018

HIPAA Compliance Needs Improvement

While technology changes over the past 22 years have allowed increasingly skillful data breaches, we can expect even more dramatic developments in the next five years. Attention to potential breaches now—in all their various forms—will be essential to managing unforeseen future threats.

J. Stuart Showalter July 11, 2018

OCR Offers Guidance on Sharing Patient Behavioral Health

OCR has proposed deregulatory rulemaking to clarify when hospitals may share certain patient behavioral health information.

Stuart Showalter July 11, 2018

PHI Disclosure Management in the Business Office: Two Options for Greater Efficiency

Don Hardwick describes ways healthcare organizations can improve the process of releasing medical records to insurers.

Don Hardwick May 9, 2018

BPCI Advanced Improves Care, Physician Alignment, and Revenue

A healthcare thought leader explains how hospitals can generate savings, improve clinical care, and foster physician alignment by participating in BPCI Advanced. 

Lisa A. Eramo February 21, 2018
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