Costing Managerial Accounting

Strategic partnership: The key to improved patient experience and revenue cycle outcomes

One company shares advice and trends in addition to how its service offerings can hep healthcare organizations facing challenges, the biggest being people, process and technology.

HFMA October 11, 2021

Hospital groups urge changes to Provider Relief Fund distribution and reporting processes

HHS should send out the upcoming Provider Relief Fund distribution as quickly as possible and offer flexibility in the ongoing reporting process, hospital groups said.

Nick Hut September 30, 2021

Why success in cost reduction is a matter of trust

According to a survey, healthcare organizations that discuss cost reduction with clinicians more often are better prepared to achieve cost-reduction goals. Find out what approaches can restore trust for a better bottom line in this research report.

HFMA June 2, 2021

Hospital margins continued to improve in April, but volumes and revenues fell slightly

A monthly report on hospital finances showed that margins improved from March to April even though the COVID-19 pandemic remained a factor.

Nick Hut May 25, 2021

Atlas Health: Helping healthcare providers offer patients philanthropic financial assistance

Learn how one company uses a database of more than 10,000 philanthropic programs to tap into funds available for patient medical costs associated with care for chronic diseases, rare conditions or high-cost therapies.

HFMA April 28, 2021

HHS issues various updates to Provider Relief Fund FAQs

HHS updated its 60-page list of FAQs for recipients of Provider Relief Fund payments.

Nick Hut April 6, 2021

GASB seeks volunteers to participate in ‘field test’ of proposed changes

GASB is seeking volunteer organizations to test new governmental accounting standard rules.

HFMA staff July 31, 2020

How hospitals should capture COVID-19 costs to maximize grants from FEMA, CARES Act

To ensure their organizations get a fair share of the billions of dollars in reimbursement and grants available to healthcare providers during COVID-19, finance leaders need a plan for accurately capturing costs.

Laura Ramos Hegwer May 4, 2020

Yes Virginia, there is a cost shift: Hospitals with higher occupancy rates due to COVID-19 provide more evidence

HFMA's Chad Mulvany says that even though the COVID-19 pandemic is a unique circumstance, emerging margin data from hospitals in the Northeast provide additional evidence in support of the cost shift.

Chad Mulvany, FHFMA April 29, 2020

With the coronavirus, contingency planning takes on greater importance for healthcare supply chain professionals

A risk management expert with a leading healthcare consultancy says hospital supply chain professionals should monitor deviations and consider how to respond to them.

Nick Hut April 1, 2020
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