Timing, details unclear for executive order on price transparency

An expected executive order on healthcare price transparency continues to change, even as its release has been delayed, say policy watchers.

Rich Daly June 11, 2019

Hospitals Look to Move Beyond Charge-Listing Requirement

Feb. 1—Publicity has surged around the new federal requirement for hospitals to post charges online. But some hospitals have managed to exceed that mandate in ways that provide more effective price transparency.

Rich Daly February 4, 2019

Why Your Access Strategy Demands Pricing Transparency

Consumers have come to expect price transparency in health care, which has greatly increased the strategic and operational importance of providers’ charge master descriptions and other pricing frameworks.

Nicholas Malenka, MHA October 29, 2018

Reconciling Charges and Pricing Through Charge Description Master Redesign

Providers should restructure pricing schedules to bring charges into better alignment with the actual cost of services, developing a long-term pricing model that is attractive to both patients and employers.

Leonard Brauner, CPA October 26, 2018

Understanding the 7 Options for CMS’s Hospital Charge Posting Rule

Hospitals can choose to post charges in a variety of ways, but not all methods comply with CMS’s recent rule that takes effect on Jan. 1, 2019. 

Jamie Cleverley October 18, 2018

How Chargemaster Maintenance Can Contribute to Price Transparency

CMS has proposed requiring hospitals to publish their standard charges online. Once this data becomes public, finance departments must be able to explain it to consumers.

Lisa A. Eramo July 9, 2018

Time for Hospitals to Pursue a ‘Nip and Tuck’ Chargemaster Pricing Strategy?

Hospitals should balance their concern about achieving the margins they require to accomplish their missions with the need to maintain defensible pricing in an environment of increasing healthcare price transparency.

Jeff Helton,  PHD, FHFMA, CMA, CFE September 5, 2017

Ask the Experts: Chargemaster Updates

Are members of the group assessing their chargemasters annually? What do they consider when deciding which charges to increase and by how much?

HFMA July 27, 2017

Ask the Experts: Robotics

How are healthcare organizations implementing charge master items for the da Vinci robot, including the disposable products?

HFMA July 11, 2016

Revenue Cycle Forum Tools

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HFMA October 17, 2012
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