Artificial Intelligence

Pursuing revenue cycle innovation

A roundtable of healthcare financial leaders explores strategies for optimizing the revenue cycle to reduce cost-to-collect, limit revenue leakage and meet patient and payer expectations.

HFMA October 30, 2019

Revenue cycle technology trends

The results of a September 2019 HFMA study about revenue cycle challenges and opportunities and how hospitals and health systems are addressing them.

HFMA October 28, 2019

What exactly is robotic process automation?

Today’s robots can be governed by business logic, structured inputs and artificial intelligence to manage complex processes and apply decision-making abilities.

HFMA October 7, 2019

Analysis: Implications for providers as Amazon offers its employees access to a virtual clinic

A review of what Amazon’s launch of a virtual health clinic for its employees may mean for providers.

Chad Mulvany, FHFMA October 2, 2019

Why AMCs must work in the “Now, Near and Far” for overall success

Senior financial leaders in academic medical centers (AMCs) discuss the role of the AMC in healthcare’s future and the importance of keeping current, future, and long-range priorities in mind.

HFMA October 1, 2019

Special Report: Effective use of analytics can help healthcare organizations solve critical challenges

Advances in analytics are powering improvements in electronic health record utilization and clinical documentation improvement.

HFMA August 1, 2019

Digitization of care plans boosts clinical decision making

Digitization of care plans can help healthcare providers create processes of care that focus on achieving high-value outcomes.

Douglas Ardoin, MD, MBA July 26, 2019

Change Healthcare: Accelerating healthcare innovation by productizing APIs

Change Healthcare talks about transforming the approach to application programming interfaces (APIs) to deliver them as individualized products that solve healthcare-specific problems.

HFMA June 18, 2019

Using artificial intelligence to improve revenue cycle operations

In God we trust; all others must bring data                                 — W. Edwards Deming The ability to use the data aggregated throughout the revenue cycle is critical to proactive issue resolution, project prioritization, estimation of financial impact of revenue cycle initiatives and forecasting. However, data analysis at each stage of the revenue cycle is dependent on…

HFMA June 17, 2019

Using artificial intelligence to uncover social determinants of health

Natural language processing can help providers discover patients’ social needs from the vast amounts of unstructured data in electronic health records.

Laura Ramos Hegwer May 27, 2019
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