Operations and Other Technology

The importance of financial flexibility in today’s dynamic healthcare environment

Five revenue cycle leaders discuss financial strategies for healthcare organizations transitioning capital expenditures to operating expenditures.

HFMA December 11, 2020

A new concept of healthcare finance for recruiting, retaining and engaging the next generation of professionals

If the healthcare finance industry wants to attract and retain younger generations of workers, it will need to embrace the smarter tech and automated capabilities that help deliver a meaningful work environment to the rising and incoming generations.

Jane C. Kaye, MBA November 16, 2020

Reimagining the revenue cycle today to benefit us tomorrow

In this executive roundtable, eight revenue cycle leaders share their insight on what new innovations the healthcare revenue cycle will see following COVID-19 and how the pandemic changed the ways in which revenue cycle leaders think about technology investment.

HFMA October 28, 2020

How investment in AI for healthcare organizations has changed due to the pandemic

A business focused on artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare explains how COVID-19 has raised the bar in the utilization of AI and dives into the value of its use to be successful in a post-COVID future.

HFMA October 2, 2020

Innovating for Minimally Invasive Care

While looking ahead to a post-COVID world, a global technology company focused on minimally invasive care developed a surgical system equipped with data analytics capabilities that can provide organizations with insights to refine robotic-assisted surgery programs.

HFMA October 1, 2020

New data analytics hold the key to promoting consumerism in healthcare

Panelists at HFMA’s Digital Annual Conference in August explored how recent advances in data analytics are helping to improve the patient experience of care and advance consumerism in healthcare.

Eric C. Reese, PhD August 13, 2020

Hospitals need integration and automation for value continuity through the COVID-19 crisis

As hospitals contend with the challenges posed by COVID-19, their future success may depend on the extent to which they are embracing new technologies and systems to bring higher levels of automation to business processes.

Matt Houston July 21, 2020

Elective surgery does not mean optional surgery: How to recover from the impact of canceled procedures

Lessons health systems have learned because of the COVID-19 pandemic will provide the building blocks to the recovery, including the return of “elective” procedures, many of which are vitally important to patients’ well-being.

Ezra Mehlman, MBA June 4, 2020

Make your cloud transformation endure: 5 steps for a lasting enterprise cloud strategy

A strategy-focused article about implementing a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, which focuses on the role of planning, teamwork, communication and continuous performance monitoring.

HFMA May 18, 2020

Why a more modern cost accounting approach in healthcare is needed post-COVID-19

A recent survey by HFMA and Strata Decision Technology found that, although 85% of health systems and 57% of hospitals and medical centers havecost accounting systems, most are not fully adept in using cost data to reduce total cost of care.

Jeni Williams April 29, 2020
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