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Updated FEMA guidance notes availability of monetary assistance for COVID-19 vaccination activities

Blog | Coronavirus

Updated FEMA guidance notes availability of monetary assistance for COVID-19 vaccination activities

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has issued updated guidance on medical care and associated costs for which monetary assistance is available during the COVID-19 public health emergency.

The federal share of funding to cover eligible medical care has increased from 75% to 100% of associated costs, FEMA announced in the new guidance. The increase is retroactive to Jan. 20, 2020 and lasts through Sept. 30, 2021.

Other updates of note:

Vaccination programs can be covered

Hospitals are eligible to receive monetary assistance for COVID-19 vaccination activities. Among various other areas, the assistance can cover:

  • PPE, other equipment and supplies
  • Additional staff
  • Communications to the public about the vaccination program
  • “Reasonable and  necessary” IT , equipment and systems for patient registration and tracking and vaccine-related inventory management
  • Training and technical assistance specific to vaccine storage, handling, distribution and administration

Emphasis is being placed on equitability

Recipients of FEMA funding for COVID-19 response and recovery “must prioritize limited resources to ensure an equitable pandemic response,” the guidance states.

“FEMA will monitor compliance for all COVID-19 work” and will require recipients to:

  • Provide assurances of compliance with nondiscrimination requirements
  • Retain compliance information
  • Submit and retain complete, accurate and timely reports
  • Respond to requests for information

Recommended steps include:

  • Using the CDC’s Social Vulnerability Index or similar tool to determine highest-risk communities
  • Considering communities disproportionately affected by the pandemic in terms of infection rates, hospitalizations and mortality
  • Strengthening data collection efforts to substantiate that COVID-19 aid is reaching the highest-risk communities and underserved populations

With respect to funding for vaccination efforts and associated activities, each recipient will be required to demonstrate how equity was considered in its vaccination strategy.

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