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Growth of Enterprise Solutions reflects the value of HFMA membership

News | Leadership Skills Development

Growth of Enterprise Solutions reflects the value of HFMA membership

An explosion in HFMA’s Enterprise membership over the past year is a testament to the value the Association has been able to deliver through its Enterprise Solutions product. 

HFMA has seen a rise in its count of Enterprise Membership Organizations, from just seven in 2016, the first year such membership became available, to 66 today, with a corresponding eightfold increase in individual members (to more than 24,000) from these organizations over the same period.

This growth is attributable, first and foremost, to the stellar onboarding and engagement activities conducted by Enterprise Solutions organizations and their continuous effort to communicate the value of HFMA membership. Individuals within these organizations are able to take full advantage of HFMA member benefits including certifications, educational resources and networking.

Network development benefit

Here’s how Ariana Raymond, JD, reimbursement management analyst and government provider enrollment coordinator, from Trinity Health in Livonia, Michigan, described what attracts her most about Enterprise membership: “HFMA has really helped me develop a better network within my region and has allowed me access to education resources and leadership opportunities I would not have had otherwise. I strongly recommend membership and am very grateful that the organization I work for has an Enterprise Membership.”

 Knowledge benefit

“HFMA has helped me to expand my knowledge of the healthcare industry," said Antonia Andrews, a consultant for Kansas City-based Cerner Corporation. “Being able to have an educated conversation with a client that is outside of the scope of my role is tremendously helpful and often impresses the client.”

Certification benefit

Noel A. Alfonso, CSBI, a corporate charge management analyst, revenue integrity, for Orlando Health in Florida, took advantage of the opportunity for HFMA certification. “Membership has allowed me to better leverage my skills through the various certification processes,” he said. “By obtaining my CSBI [Certified Specialist Business Intelligence], I can better adapt to the changing continuum we call healthcare. By learning strategies revolving around healthcare and business analytics, I can reinvest back into my company and drive growth.”

An unfolding story

“The Enterprise membership story at HFMA is only beginning,” says Heather Hennessy, Enterprise services specialist. “We encourage people to share their stories and what they see as the greatest value they can gain from HFMA membership. We always welcome such input to help us better tailor the membership experience for our Enterprise members.” 


Heather Hennessy, Enterprise services specialist, encourages Enterprise members to share their stories of how they have benefited from membership in HFMA.


About the Author

Eric C. Reese, PhD,

is a content manager, HFMA, Westchester (


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