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HFMA's new online community can help members solve daily challenges

News | Leadership

HFMA's new online community can help members solve daily challenges


It’s been said by many that one of the best parts of being an HFMA member is interacting with other members. Now, you can do that virtually by participating in our new online community.

The community is a 24/7 secure place for members to:

  • Stay connected beyond events/conferences and continue the discussion in a secure online space
  • Communicate with other industry experts, facilitate meaningful conversations and discuss best practices
  • Share valuable resources and success stories of overcoming challenges
  • Get answers to questions, or discuss new ideas to solve problems
  • Mentor a new member and help them really belong to and be involved with HFMA
  • Lead conversations and self-publish articles on important industry topics

We launched our online community with an initial set of public groups that all members are welcome and encouraged to join: Open Forum, Payment & Reimbursement Forum, Legal & Regulatory Forum, Revenue Cycle Forum, CFO Forum and HFMA Annual Conference Network.

We’ll be launching new topical groups in the coming months based on suggestions from members like you, so please keep checking back to see what’s new.

Here’s a look at some discussions posted by our members:

  • Creating new biller and scorecard templates: Does anyone have examples to share?
  • Diagnostic imaging testing and observation status: Looking for input on specific reimbursement scenarios.
  • ERP users that have implemented the Workday platform: Which modules are you using? When did you go live?
  • Building an infrastructure to support a growing employed medical group: Can you share the financial structure of your medical group and lessons learned?

With your active participation, the HFMA community will be a thriving online exchange.
It’s an exciting opportunity for members to create their personalized online experience. Be a part
of this information exchange by signing into the online community, joining groups, adding your expertise to discussions or starting your own!

If you have suggestions for future groups or questions about the community, reach out to our team at: We look forward to learning about what’s important to you!


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Melanie Binder

is the community manager at HFMA, Westchester, Ill. (


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