Year: 2020

Limited BPCI savings seen with joint replacement bundles

CMS’s new BPCI-A model incorporates patient complexity into the risk-adjustment mechanism, but it remains to be seen if it will solve all issues with the previous model.

Chad Mulvany, FHFMA January 15, 2020

BPCI Advanced participation jumps by 57% in its third year

Provider participation in the largest Medicare voluntary bundled payment program surged in its third year.

Rich Daly January 15, 2020

Analysis: Aspire Health Founder Brad Smith chosen as new CMMI director

The change in CMMI leadership could mean long-anticipated models are released, and may signal more emphasis on palliative care in future models based on Brad Smith’s background.

Chad Mulvany, FHFMA January 14, 2020

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HFMA January 13, 2020

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HFMA January 13, 2020

An interview With Ceci Connolly, president and CEO of the Alliance of Community Health Plans

Ceci Connolly, president and CEO of the Alliance of Community Health Plans, talks about risk and behavioral economics.

Erika Grotto January 13, 2020

Addressing the social determinants of health

Nancy Johnson, CEO of El Rio Community Health Center in Tucson, talks about her organization’s processes for addressing the social determinants of health among its patient population. The interview is a follow-up to a panel discussion at HFMA's 2019 Thought Leadership Retreat. Also in this episode: insights on effective leadership of teams and pricing strategy objectives.

Erika Grotto January 13, 2020

Atrius Health: Experience with global-risk contracts paves way to success in new arrangement

Previous success in risk-based contracts will allow Atrius Health to thrive in its new global-risk arrangement with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, two of the provider’s leaders write.

Patrick Holland January 13, 2020

Number of Medicare ACOs stays flat, but risk-taking increases

The number of Medicare ACOs has stagnated, but many more are taking on financial risk.

Rich Daly January 13, 2020

Capitalize on purchased services’ unusual suspects to enhance revenue

A transformative healthcare company outlines some conventional and unusual strategies for streamlining purchased services spend to expand margins and drive revenue.

HFMA January 13, 2020
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