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Aaron R. Crane, FHFMA, MHA

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Aaron Crane: It’s time to Ignite the Spark for meaningful price transparency 

“U.S. healthcare gets a C- for price transparency” could easily be the next headline the industry sees. After all, just 70% of hospitals are in compliance with both aspects of the federal price transparency rule, a Health Affairs study found, even though the rule took effect two years ago. But dig deeper than this study…

Aaron R. Crane, FHFMA, MHA April 26, 2023

Aaron Crane: There’s real value to be found in exhibit halls 

Workforce gaps, cost inflation and revenue cycle inefficiency are driving unprecedented pressure on margins, while our communities demand greater value. Today’s healthcare finance leaders are grappling with at least one ― if not all ― of these issues. And they’re looking for solutions. As I travel around the country to various HFMA regional and chapter…

Aaron R. Crane, FHFMA, MHA March 28, 2023

Aaron Crane: What’s cost effectiveness of health going to take?

We say we want to improve the cost effectiveness of health (CEoH). But what does that really mean? Let’s think about it for a moment. The most ambiguous word here is cost. Hearing it, most hospital- and provider-centric leaders would first think about the expenses incurred in their operations: Labor, supplies, utilities, purchased services, etc.…

Aaron R. Crane, FHFMA, MHA February 24, 2023

Aaron Crane: Collaboration and problem-solving ignite cost-effective health

Happy New Year! Reflecting on my “Ignite the Spark” theme, I’d like to offer more guidance for those inspired to take action in 2023. My message focuses on three key areas that inhibit cost-effective health in this country ― waste in our healthcare delivery system, health inequity and an American lifestyle contributing to significant chronic…

Aaron R. Crane, FHFMA, MHA January 26, 2023

Aaron Crane: HFMA launches DEI task force 

Season’s greetings to everyone! As we prepare to close out 2022 and ring in a new year, I am excited to let you know about the HFMA Board of Directors’ recent decision to launch a task force on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). But first, a bit of background.  Earlier this year, Deloitte published an…

Aaron R. Crane, FHFMA, MHA December 13, 2022

Aaron Crane: Poker lessons for healthcare finance

HFMA Chair Aaron Crane believes the game of poker provides valuable lessons for healthcare finance professionals navigating the current industry environment.

Aaron R. Crane, FHFMA, MHA October 25, 2022

Aaron Crane: Today’s workforce challenges are also opportunities

HFMA Chair Aaron Crane discusses current workforce challenges and encourages healthcare industry leaders and business partners to look at them as opportunities.

Aaron R. Crane, FHFMA, MHA September 30, 2022

Reflections on Annual Conference: Keynoters nailed it

National Chair Aaron Crane reflects on keynote presentations by Zeev Neuwirth, Kelli Harding, D.J. Vanas and Joel Selanikio at HFMA’s 2022 Annual Conference.

Aaron R. Crane, FHFMA, MHA August 29, 2022

Aaron Crane: It’s past time for a prescribed burn in the healthcare industry

HFMA National Chair Aaron Crane compares our healthcare system to an unmanaged forest and encourages healthcare finance professionals to act to bring about needed change and innovation.

Aaron R. Crane, FHFMA, MHA May 30, 2022