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Building skilled nursing relationships to improve hospital length of stay

The timely discharge of patients to skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) remains a significant concern for health system leaders. There have been some signs of improvement: Just over 40% of respondents to Kaufman Hall’s 2023 State of Healthcare Performance Improvement survey indicated that inpatient average length of stay (ALOS) had decreased over the past year. But…

Dawn Samaris, MBA February 23, 2024

Covenant challenges signal need for healthcare providers to chart a path to sustainability

The possibility that an organization might breach debt covenants is a symptom of deeper problems that require an all-hands-on-deck approach within the organization to get back on a sustainable path.

Dawn Samaris, MBA June 23, 2022

Why responding to site-neutral payment risk is imperative for hospitals and health systems

As the likelihood of site-neutral payments increases over a range of services, hospitals and health systems must understand which services are most at risk from these changes and determine how quickly they will respond.

Dawn Samaris, MBA September 27, 2021

Staking a claim in home-centered care: A partnership-based strategy

A home-centered strategy can help manage costs under value-based payment structures, increase patient satisfaction and manage total cost of care.

Dawn Samaris, MBA December 16, 2019

Optimizing a Health System’s Post-Acute Care Network

Health systems should develop strong networks of post-acute care providers as part of strategic efforts to deliver high-quality service across the care continuum, from wellness to end-of-life care.

Dawn Samaris, MBA May 7, 2018