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An Integrated Approach Can Direct Risk and Resource Allocation

Market volatility requires hospitals to identify contributors to cash flow variability, quantify potential related risks, and identify how the risks might manifest themselves.

Eric A. Jordahl May 19, 2019

Capital Markets 2018 Wrap-Up and Trends to Consider for 2019

The healthcare sectors’ extended access to abundant, low-cost, and relatively low-risk capital will change in 2019, and tracking four key issues will illuminate how those changes impact capital finance.

Eric A. Jordahl November 28, 2018

Effective Merger Integration Requires Focus on All Four Pieces of The Treasury Platform

To achieve a truly effective merger integration, careful attention should be paid to treasury operations and invested assets, along with capital management and external financing.

Eric A. Jordahl July 27, 2018

Finding Healthcare Finance Reality in a Cloud of Possibility

Integrated risk planning enables organizations to manage variability and to succeed under an ever-shifting cloud of possibility.

Eric A. Jordahl March 1, 2018

Terminating Swap Positions

Health system financial executives may want to consider whether they would terminate legacy swap positions in a higher rate environment.

Eric A. Jordahl November 30, 2017

Treasury Functions for Strategic Value

Healthcare leaders can examine the treasury functions that are in play in their organizations and shore up the weak points.

Eric A. Jordahl June 20, 2017

Variable Rate Debt Option in a Changing Market

It is important for healthcare finance leaders to know how much variable-rate debt and the types of such debt their organization can and should be carrying.

Eric A. Jordahl March 21, 2017