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New Models Redefine Primary Care

CPC+ is among the advanced primary care initiatives that encourage providers to enhance their approach to health care in a way that boosts quality and patient engagement.

Karen Wagner February 20, 2017

Negotiating Tips for ACO Contracting

Successful payer negotiations to launch commercial ACOs will depend on careful preparation and understanding of hospitals’ capabilities, says George Wojtal.

Karen Wagner January 12, 2016

Geisinger’s Money Back Guarantee Targets Patient Experience

By offering a money-back guarantee for service, Geisinger Health System hopes to learn how to achieve 100 percent patient satisfaction.

Karen Wagner January 6, 2016

Utilization Review Reduces Inpatient Denials

Covenant Health’s utilization review strategies have helped the health system recoup the difference between inpatient and observation status payments.

Karen Wagner November 17, 2015

Building a Sustainable Telehealth Program

To ensure their telehealth program is financially sustainable, healthcare organizations must establish appropriate objectives, be strategic about technology, understand the financial risk, and use suitable performance metrics.

Karen Wagner October 6, 2015

Accounting for Non-Performance-Related Variation in Shared Savings Contracts

Variation between targeted and actual PMPM costs can be due to numerous factors, including many that have nothing to do with the quality or cost of care provided to ACO members.

Karen Wagner January 22, 2015

Six Ways to Address Non-Performance-Related Variation in ACO Contracts

While not yet a perfect science, payers and providers can begin to address non-performance-related variation in a number of ways.

Karen Wagner January 22, 2015