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Don’t let infections hurt your bottom line

Finance leaders can ensure their organizations have the appropriate resources to combat healthcare-associated infections, said Susan Bleasdale, MD, of UI Health.

Laura Ramos Hegwer October 13, 2019

Why private equity firms see the appeal of healthcare finance expertise

Finance leaders of traditional healthcare providers may have opportunities to pursue positions with private equity firms, says a CFO with a leading healthcare startup.

Laura Ramos Hegwer August 19, 2019

NPs, PAs could reduce the costs of caring for complex patients

Organizations that don’t use NPs and PAs as primary care providers for complex patients are missing an opportunity to maintain good outcomes and potentially reduce costs, says Perri Morgan of Duke University School of Medicine.

Laura Ramos Hegwer August 9, 2019

Marcus Whitney says it’s time healthcare leaders embrace disruption

Industry disruption presents opportunities for established healthcare organizations to partner with emerging companies. For that to happen, the entrepreneur says, leaders need to find the right mindset.

Laura Ramos Hegwer June 20, 2019

Marcus Whitney on how healthcare finance leaders can turn headwinds into tailwinds

Marcus Whitney says healthcare finance leaders can thrive amid structural challenges by being adaptable and willing to embrace change.

Laura Ramos Hegwer June 12, 2019

Earning a 4-start patient-experience rating takes dedication

Main article: Why optimizing the patient experience should be on every C-suite leader’s radar Under Maryland’s hospital rate-setting system, 1% of hospital payment from all payers is based on an organization’s performance on the HCAHPS inpatient survey. “It can be millions of dollars for organizations that can be lost or gained,” says Lisa Allen, PhD,…

Laura Ramos Hegwer June 11, 2019

How one hospital improved its call-bell responsiveness

Main article: Optimizing the patient experience from the C-suite NewYork-Presbyterian’s comprehensive patient experience strategy has led to year-over-year improvements in key metrics during the past three years, says Rick Evans, senior vice president and chief experience officer. He credits the organization’s rolling, three-year patient experience plan, which defines targets and sets strategies for a variety…

Laura Ramos Hegwer June 11, 2019

Why optimizing the patient experience should be on every C-suite leader’s radar

Jason Wolf, president and CEO of The Beryl Institute, knows from personal experience how easily a healthcare organization can lose a customer. A few years ago, his wife was mistakenly billed for a $25 copay that she already paid, and then the account was fast-tracked into collections. Despite receiving excellent clinical care, his wife vowed…

Laura Ramos Hegwer June 11, 2019

Marcus Whitney on the types of connections that healthcare finance leaders should be making

What kind of connections should healthcare finance leaders make, whether it is within their own organizations or externally, such as with venture capital (VC) and private-equity firms or tech startups? There are some standout leaders who have sought to future-proof  their organizations and have developed capabilities around venture capital, whether it is in-house or through partners that…

Laura Ramos Hegwer June 10, 2019

Whitney’s steps to future-proofing your organization

Become a learning organization Learning organizations are constantly assessing information and determining what the next action should be. “This is not necessarily a core competency that I have found in my engagement with the healthcare industry, but it is what the tech titans inherently do,” Whitney says. “It is built into their DNA.” Establish a vision,…

Laura Ramos Hegwer June 10, 2019