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Mayo Clinic Laboratories uses data, clinician teams to identify cost savings

Just one lab utilization initiative can have a massive financial impact, says Andrew Cousin of Mayo Clinic Laboratories. Don’t be so overwhelmed by the scope that you do not take that first small step.

Laura Ramos Hegwer June 5, 2019

Hospitals Save When They Reduce Food Waste

Addressing food waste can help the environment and hospitals’ bottom lines.

Laura Ramos Hegwer May 27, 2019

Using artificial intelligence to uncover social determinants of health

Natural language processing can help providers discover patients’ social needs from the vast amounts of unstructured data in electronic health records.

Laura Ramos Hegwer May 27, 2019

Boosting Accountability Helps ProMedica Save $108 Million in 2018

Each year, leaders at ProMedica set a 3 percent cost-reduction goal, which they believe is achievable and still has a significant impact on the bottom line.

Laura Ramos Hegwer May 19, 2019

Viewing Sustainability Through the Cost-Savings Lens

Sustainability strategies like installing fluid management systems in the operating rooms (ORs) can improve safety and reduce waste and associated costs.

Laura Ramos Hegwer May 15, 2019

How data provides vital insight into the social determinants of health

Analytics programs that identify patients with social determinants of health can have clinical as well as financial benefits for healthcare providers.

Laura Ramos Hegwer May 15, 2019

Focusing on facilities for sustainable cost savings

By implementing a campus consolidation, leaders at Boston Medical Center have saved millions of dollars per year on facility costs while substantially increasing patient volume.

Laura Ramos Hegwer May 15, 2019

Catalyzing Cost Transformation at a Rural Hospital

Leaders at a rural hospital use metrics reviews to identify areas of sustainable cost reduction.

Laura Ramos Hegwer May 15, 2019

Who Should Own a Healthcare Organization’s Cost Transformation Efforts?

To take costs out of the budget for good, organizations should establish cost reduction goals for leaders at every level. Why do so many hospitals’ cost transformation efforts get stuck after leaders have trimmed.

Laura Ramos Hegwer May 15, 2019

Testing a model for better coordination of care in the community

Providers are using analytics to drive partnerships with community service organizations to address social determinants of health.

Laura Ramos Hegwer May 13, 2019