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SDOH: An emerging population health priority

In recent years, public health and not-for-profit organizations have focused on addressing social determinants of health (SDOH) and their impact on individuals’ wellness and ability to access healthcare services. Progress has been slow to date, but recent initiatives suggest use of effective approaches to addressing SDOH is gaining momentum.

Pam Nicholson, MBA December 18, 2020

3 steps for executing an effective consumer-driven physician strategy

Physicians and health systems (including hospitals) that collaborate continuously on improving the consumer experience and bringing decisions as close to the consumer as possible will win in the emerging post-COVID-19 world.

Pam Nicholson, MBA November 24, 2020

COVID-19’s impact on healthcare drives the need for a consumer focus

Healthcare providers require a consumer focus to be able to address the many profound and ongoing impacts of COVID-19, including patient anxiety, reduced patient volumes, unfavorable changes in payer mix and poor financial performance.

Pam Nicholson, MBA November 22, 2020

Healthcare reform moves to the states: Strategies to increase access and control costs

An increasing number of states are looking to improve access and reduce costs by funneling innovations, such as a public option or reinsurance program, through Medicaid.

Pam Nicholson, MBA November 5, 2019

2 states take the lead in implementing innovative healthcare reforms

Washington and Colorado are seeking to funnel noteworthy innovations in healthcare reform, including a public option, through their Medicaid infrastructures.

Pam Nicholson, MBA July 25, 2019