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New IDS merger aims to improve value and access for its communities

A case study of a merger of two health systems in the Pacific Northwest exemplifies a shift in focus among health system mergers toward creating transformative partnerships aimed at improving value and overall cost effectiveness. The authors recount steps that the new merged integrated delivery system (IDS) has taken to realize the merger’s primary goals.

Robert A. Dickinson, MBA October 4, 2022

3 steps for executing an effective consumer-driven physician strategy

Physicians and health systems (including hospitals) that collaborate continuously on improving the consumer experience and bringing decisions as close to the consumer as possible will win in the emerging post-COVID-19 world.

Robert A. Dickinson, MBA November 24, 2020

COVID-19’s impact on healthcare drives the need for a consumer focus

Healthcare providers require a consumer focus to be able to address the many profound and ongoing impacts of COVID-19, including patient anxiety, reduced patient volumes, unfavorable changes in payer mix and poor financial performance.

Robert A. Dickinson, MBA November 22, 2020

How healthcare providers can conduct a consumer-focused pricing strategy

The growth of consumerism in healthcare has made it imperative for healthcare providers to develop a pricing strategy that can help them achieve a competitive advantage among consumers in their markets.

Robert A. Dickinson, MBA December 16, 2019

Evolution of the consumer focus in healthcare

The potential benefits of consumer-driven health plans were espoused in the 1990s, and the concept began to be more fully embraced in the past decade.

Robert A. Dickinson, MBA October 31, 2019

7 top macro trends impacting providers, insurers and healthcare consumers today

The healthcare industry's shift to a consumerism focus is occurring in parallel with seven significant emerging trends that are affecting providers, insurers and healthcare consumers alike.

Robert A. Dickinson, MBA October 31, 2019

Building a Magnet Physician Enterprise: A Critical Health System Priority in the Value Market

Having a magnet physician enterprise that promotes physician satisfaction and engagement is a critical success factor for health systems under value-focused healthcare models.

Robert A. Dickinson, MBA October 29, 2018