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New IDS merger aims to improve value and access for its communities

A case study of a merger of two health systems in the Pacific Northwest exemplifies a shift in focus among health system mergers toward creating transformative partnerships aimed at improving value and overall cost effectiveness. The authors recount steps that the new merged integrated delivery system (IDS) has taken to realize the merger’s primary goals.

Steve Weylandt, MHA October 4, 2022

8 hallmarks of a successful healthcare venture capital program

Health systems that are developing venture capital projects should apply eight core principles that reflect best practices of organizations that had a strong track record of success in managing their venture capital programs.

Steve Weylandt, MHA April 27, 2020

Why health systems need a hybrid strategy and ambidextrous leadership to ensure financial sustainability

In today’s complex healthcare environment, health systems require an effective hybrid strategy that accounts for the fundamental differences among the various markets in which they compete, including inpatient, population health and emerging markets.

Steve Weylandt, MHA February 26, 2020

Inpatient market consolidation has led to stable inpatient markets in metro areas I HFMA

After a period of rapid consolidation, U.S. metro inpatient markets are now stable oligopolies, with a small number of competing provider systems selling inpatient services to a small number of health insurers.

Steve Weylandt, MHA February 17, 2020

Healthcare reform moves to the states: Strategies to increase access and control costs

An increasing number of states are looking to improve access and reduce costs by funneling innovations, such as a public option or reinsurance program, through Medicaid.

Steve Weylandt, MHA November 5, 2019

2 states take the lead in implementing innovative healthcare reforms

Washington and Colorado are seeking to funnel noteworthy innovations in healthcare reform, including a public option, through their Medicaid infrastructures.

Steve Weylandt, MHA July 25, 2019