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President’s Welcome

Welcome to our new HFMA year. I want to thank Bill for keeping us all on track over the last year and I look forward to this next year. I think it will be an exciting year and, while I am not sure if we have ever had a Chapter theme for the year, LTC suggested that we do so to help build the chapter momentum. My theme for this year is “Fuel the Passion” 

“Fuel the Passion” 

Passion is fueled by our sense of meaning and purpose. Passion pushes us to fulfill our purpose. Our chapter’s purpose is to help provide the tools and network our fellow HFMA members need to work through the many challenges that exist within the healthcare system.

Our passion for helping can be seen every time we put on an amazing event and every time, we help one of our fellow healthcare workers. Over this next year, I want to focus on continuing to be a strong group, putting on great events and bringing more people into HFMA so we can continue to help others. We have already put some fuel on the fire, let’s make this another amazing year fueling more of the passion for HFMA and supporting as many people as we can.

Thank you to everyone who has and will sacrifice precious time to help in this amazing chapter. I really appreciate it- it takes us all to make it a success. 

Kimberly Dalrymple

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