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Welcome to the HFMA Northern California chapter website. Here you’ll find event details, sponsorship, membership, education information, and so much more! We have integrated our website to be in uniform with the HFMA Association. This was done with you in mind! We want you to be able to have ease of access to our Chapter and the HFMA Association all in one place! 

I’m beyond thankful for the opportunity to be President of the best HFMA Chapter! There’s so much that our Chapter has to be proud of. The foundation of our success is due to our membership and our sponsors. As they continue to be our catalyst of success; our Chapter continues to discover and provide the best in eduction, events, and innovation.

I was actually President of this Chapter for the 2019-2020 year, and my-oh-my what a different world we live in as we enter a “post Covid-19” time. We’ve had our worlds turned upside down, we’ve had to deal with on the spot resolutions to problems we’ve never had to deal with before…and yet, here we all are. Stronger and better than ever. The tribulations of change, the growing pains associated, was all worth it in part because all that was left, was each other. And in part the fact that there wasn’t really any other choice. It didn’t matter that a global and deadly pandemic had attacked our world. We were still going to find a way to stay connected. That was the real triumph. And that’s what we all should celebrate. Each other. 

Although we saw our world suffer great losses, we also were able to see great wins. No matter how small, they were still significant. This reiterates just how much we value our members. We not only want to do right by you, but we also need you! There are so many volunteer opportunities within our chapter that could use your professional expertise as well as your talents! I urge all our members to give back and volunteer in some capacity. 

I must also highlight our Corporate Sponsors. Thank you for not wavering given the current state of affairs; and to sponsor our Chapter amidst COVID-19, to continue to show your support of our Chapter means the world. And we’re truly grateful for you.

I am very excited to showcase more of our Chapter! There’s definitely changes that will continue on, but we’re a Chapter that embraces change. It’s part of our Growth Culture and Mindset. 

I’m honored to be called on as a part of this chapter’s leadership team, and look forward to embarking on this journey with you. Please be sure to follow us on social media and email for updates and more! 

I would like to end with something that has stuck with me recently. Our HFMA CEO, Joe Fifer was asked, “How are you”, and instead of replying with the standard “ I’m busy” or “work is crazy busy” he decided to change the response from now on to be, “I’m thankful”. Explaining that of course we’re busy. We’re all busy. And sine COVID, a lot of us are even busier than normal. But also since COVID, there’s so much more to be thankful for. 

Wende Weckbacher
2021-22 Northern California Chapter President

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