hfm May 2024

Payment edition

Cover Story

Reimagining charity care: How Monument Health put patients first with an innovative financial assistance program 

A charity care program developed by Monument Health in Rapid City, S.D. counters the perception that not-for-profit health systems let finances overshadow their mission. 


Shawn Stack: The value of revisiting policies and processes for financial assistance

HFMA Policy Director Shawn Stack discusses the value of revisiting financial assistance policies and processes.

Geeta Nayyar: Healthcare industry needs to take charge in refuting misinformation

Geeta Nayyar says hospitals and health systems should realize that combating misinformation is part of their strategy.

Robert Rebitzer: How to overcome the disruptive forces that can impede high-value innovation

Robert Rebitzer, coauthor of Why not better and cheaper?, discusses how switchover disruptions impede adoption of new processes and technologies.


Why U.S. policy needs to focus on pruning the healthcare transaction thicket

The fact that prior to the cyberattack on Change Healthcare, the company was processing 15 billion healthcare transactions annually underscores the severe challenge our nation faces from a glut of healthcare transactions.

Healthcare Blame Game: Patient Rights Advocate claims its report gets ‘independent review and validation’ – but does it?

Patient Right Advocate’s review and validation processes for its reports are not discernable because there’s no transparency into how they are built or reviewed.


FTC challenge adds to the strain on the hospital-based anesthesiology workforce

An FTC challenge to the purchase of a major anesthesia provider has created a murky outlook for hospital-based anesthesia services.

Expert Reviewed

How to promote patient loyalty by improving network integrity

When entering contract negotiations with payers, providers should make sure they are initiating the process from a position of strength.

Not-for-profit health systems need a new enterprise strategy

Not-for-profit health system leaders should conceive of their organizations as comprising separate strategic business units.


Dennis Dahlen: It’s time to reflect

Dennis Dahlen reflects on his year as HFMA’s 2023-2024 National Chair.

Susan Dentzer: Why the Medicare physician fee schedule is sheer madness

The Medicare Physician Fee Schedule, as a fee-for-service system, exhibits a number of “pathologies” that need to be addressed says hfm columnist Susan Dentzer.

Jill Geisler: Being positive and solving problems are not mutually exclusive  

Leadership expert and HFMA columnist Jill Geisler explores es how to remain a positive, problem-solving leader while not shying away from negative issues that are bound to arise.

Eye on Washington: An open letter to Congress on nonprofit hospital finances

Andrew Donahue describes poorly understood realities about nonprofit hospital finances lead to wrong assumptions that undermine U.S. healthcare system effectiveness.


Demonstrating revenue cycle excellence just got easier with the newest HFMA certification

HFMA’s Executive of Healthcare Revenue Cycle (EHRC) certification has been popular with members since it was announced in mid-February.

Tennessee Chapter hosts a unique March Madness watch party

HFMA Tennessee Chapter’s 9th Annual March Madness Watch Party provided attendees with the opportunity to network with members from four local healthcare industry organizations.

News Briefs: Providers face trying times in the first month after the Change Healthcare cyberattack  

As published in the May 2024 issue of hfm, this news roundup presents the top stories for healthcare finance professionals.

People: Atlantic General and BSMH announce CFO transitions

James Kanuch replaces Cheryl Nottingham as Atlantic General CFO. Travis Crum succeeds retiring Bon Secours Mercy Health CFO Debbie Bloomfield. Margaret Fontana has a new CFO role. Melanie Binder wins community engagement award.


Ensemble Health Partners: Navigating toward successful contract negotiations with health plans

A group of healthcare leaders discuss various tactics they are using to negotiate better rates with payers and ensure payers’ commitment to accurate, timely payment.


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