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Compassionate crusade:
The role of healthcare in addressing homelessness

Health systems are forming partnerships to address the health impacts for people who live without housing on the margins of our society.

Expert Reviewed

How to achieve savings by reengineering nonclinical healthcare spending

Health system finance leaders should be alert to opportunities for supply chain savings in the area of nonclinical spending.

Integrated delivery: A 45-year case study of one IDN’s successful evolution

Read about how a Chicago-based hospital developed an integrated delivery network (IDN) strategy that laid the groundwork for its ability to deliver value-based care.


Why providers are struggling to succeed under value-based care

A recent survey uncovered some widely unacknowledged reasons for the industry’s slow progress toward broad adoption of value-based care contracts.


Dennis Dahlen: It’s time to deepen trust in the patient financial experience 

HFMA Chair Dennis Dahlen encourages healthcare finance professionals to examine how the current patient financial experience presents barriers to building trust with patients.

Gail Wilensky: How the pandemic created a new impetus for improved care coordination

Healthcare organizations have an opportunity today to achieve well-coordinated care through enhanced communication among providers, says policy expert Gail Wilensky.

Jill Geisler: 9 tips for healthcare finance leaders looking to improve their presentation skills  

Leadership expert and HFMA columnist Jill Geisler shares nine tips for healthcare finance leaders who want to present messages with authority and authenticity.

David Johnson: Fortune telling healthcare's dismal future

In this Voice of Experience column, Alan Lovelace offers advice on what today’s hospital or health system CFOs can do to keep their organizations on a stable financial footing.

Ken Perez: Assessing the U.S. response to the healthcare needs of migrants and asylum seekers

Healthcare provider organizations are finding themselves called upon to play a pivotal role in the nation’s response to the huge influx of migrants into the United States from across the Mexico border.

Brenda Chilman: A positive patient experience starts with the revenue cycle

Brenda Chilman, a revenue cycle vice president and a member of HFMA for 30+ years, says the revenue cycle plays a pivotal role in enabling a healthcare organization to effectively meet the needs of its patients.


News Briefs: Continued 340B eligibility is at risk for hundreds of hospitals thanks to pandemic-related factors

As published in the March 2024 issue of hfm, this news roundup presents the top stories for healthcare finance professionals.

People: Remembering HFMA trailblazer Ronald Kovener  

HFMA remembers Ronald Kovener, a former national president of the Association and founder of its Washington, D.C., office. Bill Rutherford and Ric Magnuson will depart their CFO positions.

Iowa Chapter celebrates 70th anniversary

HFMA’s Iowa Chapter celebrates 70 years of providing the state’s healthcare finance professionals with education, resources and networking opportunities.


PMMC provides organizations with the tools and the knowledge to maximize their net revenue

Learn how PMMC’s revenue cycle software and services improves the financial performance of healthcare providers to have more resources devoted to patient care.

FinThrive: While increasing revenue is a top goal for 2024, improving the patient experience is a close second — specially for large health systems: HFMA poll

In a recently conducted survey, 70% of 92 respondents said increasing revenue is a top priority in 2024 followed by improving the patient experience (60%) and reducing costs (55%). Review other key findings in this research report.

GHX: The importance of digital transformation in a fraudulent environment

In this survey, more than 85% of responding hospital financial executives said they are somewhat concerned (65.96%) or very concerned (19.15%) about potential AI-influenced fraud, including account takeovers and eventually payment fraud.

Conifer Health Solutions: How digital patient engagement solutions can help healthcare organizations improve their existing revenue cycle

This roundtable features various healthcare professionals who breakdown what digital patient engagement solutions are being implemented and how this not only empowers patients, but also helps organizations looking to improve their existing revenue cycle.


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