Oregon Chapter Leadership

Our Chapter leaders are here to serve the members. If you have any suggestions to improve our services, would like to participate on a Committee, or have an idea for educational programs or social events please feel free to contact any of the Chapter Officers, Board Members or Committee Chairpersons. Your input matters….we look forward to hearing from you.

Liana Hans

Past President

Kelly Smith

Past President

Tammie Coon


Meredith Peterson

President Elect

Tony Andrade


Jamie Harrell


Norma Pearce

CVENT Coordinator


Chairs / Co-Chairs

Chair - Finance Programs Sunshine O'Bannon
Chair - Patient Accounts Programs Cecelia Russell
Co-Chair - Membership Tammy Bickle
Chair - Facilities Ken Mitchell
Chair - Technology/Communications Luke Zarecor
Chair - Certifications Jason Baker
Chair - Sponsorship Jennifer Ellsworth
Chair - Finance Problem Solving Jennifer Doll
Chair - Patient Accounts Problem Solving Susan Donham
Chair - Reimbursement Kiet Lam
Chair - Networking Carl Christensen
Chair - Enterprise Membership Marie Smith
Co-Chair - Finance Programs Chris Grinstead
Co-Chair - Patient Account Programs Wendy Reynolds
Co-Chair - Membership Joey Boekenoogen
Co-Chair - Facilities Michelle Cooper
Co-Chair - Technology/Communications Hayden Reece
Co-Chair - Certifications Jennifer Rich
Co-Chair - Sponsorship Joey Boekenoogen
Co-Chair - Sponsorship John Esa
Co-Chair - Finance Problem Solving Erin Coffey
Co-Chair - Patient Accounts Problem Solving Eric Soto
Co-Chair - Reimbursement Bryan Lozano
Co-Chair - Networking Jennifer Hamilton
Co-Chair - Enterprise Membership Kim Thomas