Puerto Rico Chapter

President’s Welcome

It is an honor beyond words for me to lead this great HFMA Chapter and a privilege to be a part of an exceptional team of people who are passionate about providing the best Healthcare for patients.  It is my sincere pleasure to serve our Industry in any way I can. I am grateful that the time has come for me to give back to an Association that has been key in my Professional Development. 

We thank you, our members and sponsors, for having confidence in HFMA Puerto Rico. Here, we are constantly growing and evolving to meet the needs of our dynamic Industry, and it is our vision to become the Association of choice for every Healthcare Leader.  You’ll discover that HFMA is more than just another Membership, we’re a trusted resource to help you keep building your Professional career,  your skills and knowledge while growing your network.  We feel a deep sense of pride and commitment to all those who place their trust in us. We recognize our responsibility to provide you with the best educational tools and I am proud to say that we always work to deliver on that promise.

I want to personally thank our volunteers who take unwavering pride in our chapter and dedicate themselves to meeting and exceeding our yearly goals. These volunteers are our heart and soul, the ones that donate their talent and time to deliver the value our members expect. Thank you for making this Chapter yours. 

This year we wish to highlight in our Island everything HFMA has to offer from Certifications, Webinars, the MAP Initiative and the Enterprise Membership that benefits more employees. Also, we wish to integrate new talent in our leadership team to ensure the continuity of our plans and growth. 

These past years have been like no other. They have challenged us, made us adapt to new realities and inspired us to never give up. But most importantly, they have made us aware of what HFMA can achieve together.

We are committed to continue earning the trust of our Industry and while we take pride in what we have accomplished, we remain resolute in our focus to addressing the future healthcare needs of our communities.

Thank you for your continued support.


Lcda. Sofía B. Adaime Martínez, MHSA, CSPPM

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