Northeastern Pennsylvania Chapter

President’s Welcome

Welcome to the Northeastern Pennsylvania HFMA Chapter!

I am honored to serve as your chapter president for the 2023-2024 chapter year. I am grateful for the ability to serve you alongside a board of dedicated and highly experienced individuals from various backgrounds in Healthcare. I appreciate the opportunity to have the ability to learn and grow within HFMA to ensure the success of the NEPA Chapter for years to come.

“It’s Time” is the theme set forth for this chapter year, by HFMA National Chair, Dennis Dahlen. It is time to get back to what drew me to HFMA nearly 10 years ago! It is time to get back to in person events, quality education, and networking with the best in the industry!

I would like to thank our past-president, Kelly Rygielski, for her leadership over the past year and her investment in myself and in the chapter. I am pleased to announce that Michele McGowan will be serving this year as President-Elect, Sheila Hojnacki serving as Treasurer, and Nelya Shymon serving as Secretary. In addition to our officers, we have an innovative and committed board of directors who will work hard to provide leadership and engagement to the entire chapter.

Nicole MoscatelliKristen SimkonisJoe O’Connell
Barbara TapscottChristy PehanichBrian Babilon
Kelly KnorrLou AlbaneseKelly Rygielski

Our goals for this year are going to be centered around, but not limited to:

  1. Quality Education – with a focus on industry relevant, in person events.
    • IT’s TIME to get back to mostly live meetings!
  2. Mentorship – with a focus on recruiting fresh volunteers to keep innovation alive and the chapter successful.
    • IT’s TIME to get involved with your local chapter and volunteer!
  3. Sponsorship -with a focus on securing high value sponsorship relationships with external business partners.
    • IT’s TIME to work together to provide quality education opportunities for our members!

Please, participate in meetings (either in person or virtual) and engage with the NEPA Chapter Officers and Board during this chapter year. We are here to serve our members and want to make sure we are creating success for the chapter for many years to come!

Consider volunteering! There are so many opportunities to become involved with the chapter that take up a very small amount of time. Ask about what it means to become a chapter leader! I have been blessed (both personally and professionally) by being “voluntold” to get involved with HFMA NEPA.

All the best!

Melissa Kern, MBA, CHFP, CRCR
President of Northeastern PA, HFMA Chapter, 2023-2024

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