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Founders Merit Award Series

The Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) recognizes that its strength lies in volunteers, who contribute their time, ideas, and energy to serve the healthcare industry, their profession, and one another. Active participation in HFMA at the national, regional and/or chapter levels provides members with numerous opportunities for professional development, information, networking, and advocacy. Established in 1960, the Founders Merit Award Series acknowledges the contributions made by HFMA members. These awards are part of a merit-rating plan in which specific activities are assigned a range of point values.  Points are accumulated according to the level of activity an individual holds, thereby encouraging members to participate in HFMA functions and to hold leadership roles within the organization.

The Awards

The William G. Follmer Bronze Award – The William G. Follmer Bronze Award is awarded after an individual has earned 25 member points. This award is named after William G. Follmer, who is credited with the creation of the American Association of Hospital Accountants (AAHA) (now HFMA).

The Robert H. Reeves Silver Award – The Robert H. Reeves Silver Award is awarded to an individual who has earned 50 total member points. Reeves, an organizing member of the AAHA, was elected president of AAHA in 1956 and was instrumental in creating the structure of AAHA.

The Frederick T. Muncie Gold Award – The Frederick T. Muncie Gold Award is presented to a member who has earned a total of 75 member points. This award honors Frederick T. Muncie, an organizing member of the AAHA, and the first president of the association (1947-1949). Muncie also assisted in the organization of the first AAHA chapter (First Illinois).

The Founders Medal of Honor was added in 1986 and is conferred by nomination of the Chapter Board of Directors. This prestigious award recognizes an individual who has been actively involved in HFMA for at least three years after earning the Muncie Gold Award, has provided significant service at the chapter, regional and/or national level in at least two of those years, and remains a member in good standing. A chapter may nominate members for this award at any time during the year.

How can I earn points?

Activity –  Points

  • Write Articles for the local chapter or National – 2
  • Review Articles – 1
  • Chapter President – 8
  • Chapter Officers – 5
  • Chapter Board – 3
  • Committee Member – 2
  • Event Volunteer – 2
  • Mentor – 1
  • Speaker (4 hours or less) – 1
  • Speaker (Over 4 hours) – 2
  • (these are but examples)

It is important to remember that although HFMA National and the chapters track these points, each member is responsible for reporting points earned to the chapter Founder’s Contact.  No points are earned for serving terms of office of less than one-half of a chapter’s fiscal year for any category; services a member is paid to perform; or for chapter participation prior to HFMA membership. If you have points that need to be added, please reach out to the Founder’s contact, Sheila Seal ([email protected]).

Additional Benefits

As recognized industry leaders, HFMA Fellows act as ambassadors to the profession by raising the standard of practice through consistent participation in professional development activities and service to the healthcare finance industry. Fellows can maintain their FHFMA designation by teaching courses, making presentations, publishing, participating in special interest groups or attending educational events. It’s up to you!

Requirements for FHFMA® certification include:

  • Current CHFP designation
  • Five years total as a regular or advanced HFMA member (student membership does not count toward this total)
  • Bachelor degree or 120 semester hours from an accredited college or university
  • Volunteer activity in healthcare finance within three years of applying for the FHFMA designation, including one of the following:
    • Earn the Follmer Bronze Award by earning 25 Founders points for HFMA volunteer activity
    • Volunteer in your HFMA chapter and earn two Founders points for two 
    • Volunteer service for two of the past three years in a healthcare industry organization
2019Bradley Smith
2019Craig Wheeless
2019Gary Miller
2019Sheila Seal
2018David Karluk
2016Elizabeth Staas
2016Lynne Wisehart
2013Melinda Hancock
2013Donna Littlepage
2013Stephan Quiriconi
2013David Richardson
2013Randall Bledsoe
2009Garry Bowman
2006Peter Gallagner
2006Brenda C. Loper
2006Taylor J. Watkins
2005Hugh Aaron
2005Beth Gentry
2005Karen Tuttle
2004Lester Abernathy
2001Phillip Borders
2001Donald Cobaugh
2001Margaret Thompson
1999Cynthia Seyffert
1998Gilbert Collins
1997Michael Burris
1995Joseph Becht
1994Richard Rollins
1993Ray Carpenter
1993Herbert Harvey
1992Michael Whorley
1991Lorrene Bryant
1991Jimmy Pearce

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