Cost Effectiveness of Health

Cost Effectiveness of Health Report, May 2022

June 1, 2022 9:13 pm

The May 2022 edition of HFMA’s Cost Effectiveness of Health Report includes a conversation with Lance Robertson, former U.S. Assistant Secretary for Aging at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Community Living, on practical ways the United States can begin to meaningfully address social determinants of health. Another article explores considerations for hospitals and health systems regarding the decision to pursue a “hospital at home” strategy, and a column shares perspectives and lessons learned from a 47-year active member of HFMA on the nation’s evolution toward value.

Social determinants of health

Road to value begins with addressing social determinants of health
By Eric C. Reese, PhD
Lance Robertson, a former HHS leader, is encouraged by the federal response to the nation’s need to address problems such as health inequity, increased health risk and avoidable high costs for populations that are adversely affected by social determinants of health (SDoH). He sees addressing SDoH as a necessary preliminary step on the nation’s journey to achieving value in healthcare.

Acute care at home

Why health systems may find an acute care at home strategy attractive
By K. Michael “Mike” Nichols, FHFMA, CPA, and Martie Ross, JD 
The potential for improved outcomes is just one important reason to consider pursuing an acute care at home strategy. Even in the absence of payment, health systems may ultimately find such a strategy beneficial.

Real estate strategy

Why real estate should be an integral part of a health system’s resources strategy
Sponsored by Kaufman Hall
By Brent Farrell and David Ratliff
The changing healthcare landscape following the pandemic — including, among other factors, the new competitive dynamics as a result of the migration away from inpatient care and the heightened focus on health equity —  is making it incumbent on health system leaders to align their real estate resources within their overall approach to strategy, operations and finance.

Payment models

Cracks in the foundation (Part 5): Overcoming regulatory headwinds 
By David W. Johnson
Healthcare leaders have an important opportunity today use new regulations to drive value-based care throughout their organizations. But that doesn’t mean completely relinquishing their traditional revenue streams. To seize this opportunity, they should undertake a dual transformation that promotes more efficient operation of their traditional businesses, while nurturing and growing new businesses focused on population health and value.

Voice of Experience: Insights from a long-time member

Health system success requires focus on cost-effectiveness
By Steven Berger, FHFMA
Edward M. Prunchunas, a 47-year HFMA member and soon to retire as retire as executive vice president of finance, treasurer and CFO of Cedars-Sinai Health System, shares his insights and observations about the transformation of the U.S. healthcare system over the years and the essential leadership components for achieving success.

Workforce issues

Solving for healing: Effective nurse staffing begins with CFO-CNO alignment 
By Michele Hausman, Karen A. Grimley, Tammy Wallace  and Michael D. Busch 
To respond effectively to ongoing disruptions in the nursing workforce, which have been exacerbated by COVID-19, health system finance and nursing leaders need to come together to find a new financial, clinical and operational approach to improving performance.

Ken Perez: U.S. demographic realities and the productivity mandate for healthcare  
By Ken Perez
COVID-19’s impact on nursing is undeniable. But focusing too much on the pandemic can obscure longstanding and inexorable demographic trends that are also contributing to growing nursing shortages.



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