MAP Key Connect

Engage with MAP as a business partner.

HFMA’s MAP Key Connect program provides Business Partners with the confidence to know how their client’s performance compares to industry validated benchmarks. The program provides insight into HFMA MAP Award winner data, MAP App subscriber benchmark data and access to best practices webinars which will inform how client’s needs may be met in the future.  

For the first time in the history of HFMA’s MAP Initiative, subscribing HFMA Business Partners have access to HFMA’s industry standard MAP App benchmark data. Organizations can compare the performance of the work they are doing on behalf of their provider clients versus industry best practice standards.  

If interested in learning more about the steps needed to access the MAP App benchmark data and best practices, please contact Rich Lucas.

MAP Business Partner Reports

Compare your client’s performance against industry standards

Access insightful healthcare benchmark data from HFMA’s MAP App community of subscribers. This new interactive tool allows subscribers to research performance data based on select demographics and MAP Key performance. 

Coming soon.

MAP Award Winner Reports

HFMA’s MAP Award for High Performance in Revenue Cycle recognizes organizations whose innovative and effective strategies have enabled them to achieve excellence in revenue cycle performance. MAP Key Connect clients can learn more from previous MAP Award winner statistical data.  

“Solve-Based” Webinar Access

HFMA’s MAP Key Connect clients will have access to HFMA MAP Key focused webinars featuring best practices from the MAP App subscriber base. 

MAP Key Connect Designation

Business partner subscribers will be provided with marketing materials to show their participation in the HFMA’s MAP Key Connect program. Materials include badging for website and marketing materials, designation on HFMA’s website and potential HFMA Annual Conference materials. 

Benchmarks and reporting for business partners.

Learn more about becoming a MAP Key Connect partner.

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