Navigate the Future of Health Equity with Equity Quotient 

Access is a benefit of your HFMA provider membership. 

Equity Quotient’s public health dashboard empowers healthcare leaders by offering a streamlined solution to navigate intricate health equity compliance mandates and reporting requirements. Additionally, it furnishes a comprehensive, organized perspective encompassing major health equity considerations, environmental factors, and other pertinent socioeconomic aspects. HFMA provider members now have access to the EQ Public Health dashboard as a benefit of membership. The dashboard empowers you to: 

  • Understand public health metrics 
  • Benchmark your region to others 
  • Accelerate compliance reporting 

Start your trial today and better understand how social determinants of health measures are directly impacting your workforce, suppliers, customers, and the communities where you operate.  

Only HFMA provider members have access to Equity Quotient as a benefit of membership. Your current membership type does not fall into this category. If this an error, contact HFMA Member Services.

Explore Regions

Explore regions across the U.S. and how they compare based on 7 key public health factors, including health insurance coverage, poverty level, mortality rate, access to medical care, availability of healthy food, and air quality.

Zoom into Detailed Views

Select a state to better understand the particular factors behind its index and how communities compare by county. Drill into different race/ethnic groups and counties to see additional detail by region for different parts of the population.

Evaluate Causal Factors

Evaluate more detail on the causal factors underlying public health, such as insurance coverage, poverty levels, and food desserts, along with outcomes, such as life expectancy by race by community. Understand birth and mortality rates across population segments in your community, and how they’re trending over time.

Interested in Learning More?

Access Equity Quotient’s white paper: The Health Equity Imperative.

Watch the introductory video:


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About Equity Quotient 

Equity Quotient is an AI-powered stakeholder intelligence platform that aggregates complex socioeconomic data into easy-to-use dashboards. With Equity Quotient, executives across sectors can better understand their workforce, suppliers, customers, and the communities where they operate to automate compliance reporting, proactively manage risk, and improve strategic planning at a fraction of current spend.